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  • ADA T-shirt

    Original ADA T-shirt with on the front an image of an Echinodorus leaf. The sleeve is printed with the text "Learn from nature, and recreate the nature" and on the back "To know mother nature is to love her smallest creations".

    Color: Black shirt with green print.
    Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

  • ADA AP Food Glass

    ADA AP Food Glass is a fish food dispenser, made of high quality and hand blown glass. The elegant contours and a round shape not only fits comfortably and firmly in the hand, but also gives a lot of pleasure in the feeding of your fish. With the AP Glass is the amount of fish food to check the dosing with a simple press of the button.

  • ADA Clear Stand for AP Glass

    With this standard of acrylic can the ADA AP Food Glass on the side of the aquarium to be hung. In this way, depends on the fish food is always in the vicinity and the elegant design fits in seamlessly with that of the aquarium.

  • ADA Poster

    ADA Poster

    width 84.5 cm
    height 59.5 cm

  • Voederglas Dispenser

    With the Azaqua voederglas Dispenser is feeding it to your fish only really fun! Made of high quality glass and has a perfect shape that is comfortable in the hand, to the amount of fish feed, accurate dispensing.

  • Voederschaal DINNER

    With the Azaqua voederschaal Dinner shrimp to sincerely lust for food and is not at all terrible that they have no table manners. No more food, what between the substrate and what is Planaria and algae can cause.

  • Net Shrimpcatcher

    The Azaqua net Shrimpcatcher is a very fine landing-net for shrimps easy to catch. The net is 5cm round and 5cm deep where shrimps are not easy to escape from. Lightweight design and highly manoeuvrable.

  • Landing Net Round

    This lightweight scoop is very agile in the aquarium, making the catch of fish and garnelen a lot easier. The net is elastic and is 7 inches around and about 8 inches deep and extendable to a total length of approx. 50 cm.

  • Towel Azaqua

    If there is then 1 the drawback of having an aquarium should have, is that there are regular drops of water will get to places where this is not required. On the windows, on the furniture, drops to the floor etc. Don't forget the kitchen towel and use this towel specially for the aquarium.

  • Keychain Azaqua

    With this handy key ring will see a set of keys there equal much better! Luxury key ring in metal version with a display of unbreakable polycarbonate.

    Size: approx. 60x22 mm

  • Pen Azaqua

    A great writing ball point pen, done in bright "Azaqua orange" color. With soft grip for extra feel.

  • ADA Keychain Ring

    Exclusive keychain of Aqua Design Amano with handy clip and separate elements.

  • Bottom Release

    ADA Bottom Release is a special tool to Iron Bottom and Multi Bottom in the substrate to cross. With the help of Bottom Release, is it possible to have these sticks deep into the substrate, near the roots.

    Length: 375 mm

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  • Tropica Art Cards

    A selection of the many watercolor drawings has now been given new life as prints on beautiful art cards. There are two different sets, each with 5 cards, that fit into any modern interior. The cards have a size of 13 x 18 cm.

    Choose from 2 sets of 5 cards

  • Tropica Art Poster

    A selection of the many watercolor drawings has now been given new life as prints on beautiful art posters. There are 5 different posters that fit into any modern interior. The posters have a size of 40 x 30 cm.

    Choice of: Madagascariensis, Aponogeton, Nymphea, Sagittaria or Crinum

  • EXTRA magnifying glass (x10)

    Exclusive keychain of Aqua Design Amano with handy clip and separate elements.

  • EXTRA, FC-Tool Stand
    The ADA language is the FC Tool is the ultimate accessory for aquascape, tools and supplies, and the like. There is plenty of scope for a variety of forceps, scissors and shears, plant food, and add-ons.
  • , HS Aqua Net is fine
    Fine net for catching fish, shrimp, or a floating tree trimming. For easy manoeuvrability, these nets are equipped with a fine mesh and a sturdy handle for easy carrying.

    Available in 8 -, 10-and 15-cm
  • EXTRA T-shirt is a Dream

    The original ADA T-shirt
    Color: White t-shirt with green print.
    Available in sizes XL,

  • ADA Acrylic Photo Block
    ADA's popular, high-transparent acrylic photo blocks that you can enjoy aquarium easily,
    the world's biggest Nature Aquarium - “Forests Underwater” - is added to the series.

    Size: W148mm × D25mm × H105mm