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When creating the desired layout of a Nature Aquarium it sometimes require special trics to get the job done. Underneath you will find products to attach moss on driftwood or rocks on the most natural way possible. But also some natural auqarium decorations for biotope or shrimp aquariums.

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  • Superglue
    Superglue is the ideal glue for gluing hardscape together. This version has a high viscosity and is almost as liquid as water. It flows effortlessly into cracks thanks to capillary action. This super glue is suitable for use on many materials, such as MDF, rubber, metals, PVC and plastics. Porous or non-porous materials, this glue will stick just about anything together.

    Contents: 20 grams
    Includes 3 precision syringes and a piece of rock wool
  • ADA Moss Cotton (200m)

    Moss Cotton is special thread for tying moss, such as Java moss or Fissidens sp on driftwood. The dark green color resembles that of Willow Moss and the material will biodegrade after Willow Moss has bonded to the wood or stones.

    1 roll of 200 meters

  • ADA Wood tight (10m)

    Wood tight is a wire covered with vinyl. This allows ferns and Anubias species to be secured until the plant has attached its roots to the wood. The brown wire is barely noticeable in the aquarium layout. After the water plants have been attached, the Wood tight is easy to cut and remove.

    1 roll of 10 meters

  • ADA Riccia Line (50m)

    Riccia Line is a special wire for tying Riccia to stones and wood. Riccia flutans can be used as a ground cover and can form a beautiful carpet. The green color wire is barely visible in the aquarium. It can also be used to bind moss on stones and wood.

    1 roll of 50 meters

  • ADA Riccia Stones

    Although Riccia flautans is naturally a floating plant, it can also grow beautifully in the aquarium underwater. These Riccia stones are ideal for tying Riccia Flutes to and growing as a ground cover.

    Contents: 10-20 pieces

  • Substrate supports 20x25cm (2 pieces)

    With the substrate supports, steep slopes with the substrate can be made without the risk of the substrate rolling down. Easy to cut to size and bend into a curve!

    Dimensions 20x25cm
    2 pieces

  • Dupla PlantFix plant glue
    Content: 2x 3 gram 20 gram

    Super handy glue for attaching plants and mosses to wood or stones in the aquarium. This is the ideal solution for people who do not have the patience to tie up mosses with wire and want quick results.

    Contents: 2x 3 grams or 20 grams

  • Seachem Flourish Epoxy
    Color: Grijs Brown
    Flourish Epoxy is a malleable clay based on two component resin. This sticky clay makes it possible to stick pieces of hardscape together extremely firmly.

    Available in gray or brown
  • Seachem Flourish Glue (2x 4gram)
    Flourish Glue™ is a superior aquarium glue (with cyanoacrylate) for gluing moss and plants to stones and wood. Extremely useful for gluing small bundles of plants. Apply a little Flourish Glue™ to the surface and press the plants against it. It will be stuck in a few seconds.

    Contents: 2x 4grams
  • Seachem Silicone Sealant
    Color: Black clear-transparant
    from €9.90
    Seachem aquarium sealant is a 100% RTV Silicone for sealing and repairing aquariums. It is formulated to provide excellent adhesion and tensile strength with permanent flexibility. It is safe for aquatic life in both fresh and salt water.

    Choose from black or transparent
  • DOOA Terra Tape
    DOOA focuses on new ways to enjoy aquarium plants. Terra Tape is a self-adhesive, moisture-retaining tape that prevents dehydration. Wrapping the Terra Tape around the surface creates a good base for growing epiphytic plants and mosses.
  • DOOA Terra Line

    DOOA focuses on new ways to enjoy aquarium plants. Terra Line is a useful tool for attaching plants.

  • Hobby Peat Slabs (3 pcs.)
    Peat blocks can be used in the aquarium as a bottom layer to cover with gravel. Peat causes slight acidification in the soil with a lower pH value.

    Packed per 3 plates
  • Oase FoamFix
    Ideal for landscaping watercourses as cavities can be safely filled
  • Microbe-Lift Aqua-Fix Poly Glue
    Content: 60 gram 300 gram
    Microbe-Lift Aqua-Fix Poly Glue is ideal as an underwater adhesive for permanently attaching stone, glass, wood, plastic, PVC, metal and much more. It also hardens quickly underwater and can be safely used in any saltwater or freshwater aquarium.
  • WIO Soil Ball Sticky
    • New
    WIO Soil Ball Sticky
    Sticky Soil introduces a new level of versatility and innovation to landscape creation and planted environments. This remarkable product is a self-adhesive black clay-like mud that solidifies when dry to provide a stable base for plants, hardscapes and more. Its permeability allows water and roots to flow through it, making it an ideal substrate for planting and supporting various types of plants.

    Per piece (approx. 900 grams)