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    Here we offer products that deserve a second chance. It is possible that only the packaging has been damaged, the product itself has minor damage or that they have been returned. We can therefore no longer offer them as "new". It is a shame to throw them away and therefore they are for sale here with a discount.

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  • EHEIM Rubber Seals for 3 pcs.
    Replacement rubber seals for the filtermanden of the EHEIM 2026/28,2126/28,2222/24/26/28,2322/24/26/28
  • EHEIM classic 1500XL (2260)
    €431.96 -10% €479.95

    For aquariums from 300-1500 Litres

  • Glass to regulator
    Spare glass for the regulator.
  • Aquascaping - Handbook for new aquascapers

    Aquascaping - the art of aquarium design - is, according to some, only for experts. In this book about aquascaping, one of those experts, Oliver Knott, tells you everything there is to know.

  • EHEIM Rotor for2073/2075/2273/2275/2373
    EHEIM ROTOR FOR 2073/2075/2273/2275/2373
  • The Training Days in Japan

    In this book tells Oliver Knott about his trip to Japan in 2004. Here he has a short time spent in the famous ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery to help on the side of Takashi Amano. Experience this wonderful journey of Oliver Knott to a world of care and perfection, full of inspirations and challenges.

  • EHEIM Pump Copver Clip for...

    EHEIM pump cover clip for 2222/24-2322/24-2422/2424.

  • Eheim pump cover clip

    EHEIM pump cover clip for 2222/24-2322/24-2422/2424.

  • ADA CO2 Drop Checker

    With this ADA CO2 Drop Checker is very easy to get the CO2 content of the aquarium water to review. By the glassware with the special liquid to fill, and against the pane of the glass to hang, can continue to be considered whether there is sufficient CO2 in the aquarium.

  • Dennerle O-ring for CO2 pressure regulator
    For Quantum / Space / Primus. Packed per 2 pieces
  • Daytime cluster T8 fitting
    €6.23 -30% €8.90

    Daytime cluster T8 mounting brackets is designed for the replacement of existing T8 lighting with a diameter of 26mm. The T8 mounting brackets in the T8 holders of the fixture to be placed. The T8 mounting brackets are adjustable, allowing the Cluster LED unit on aquariums with different widths is to confirm.

    Set of 2 pieces

  • ADA NA Thermometer

    ADA NA thermometer is specially designed for the Nature Aquarium, and has a simple and minimalist design. It's a slim model, you can tidy around the edges of the aquarium that can be hung without the use of a suction cup, and the temperature is easy to read.

    Please select the correct size for the correct glass thickness of your aquarium.

  • EHEIM Pump cover for Classic 150 - type 2211
    7632000 - cover for pump type 2211 for external filter classic 150 (type 2211).
    NOTE: This is only the lid, not the pump
  • Daytime cluster 100
    €234.85 -30% €335.50

    Daytime cluster 100 LED aquarium lighting is entirely satisfactory for both freshwater and saltwater. High-quality LED lighting with exceptional performance, beautiful design, various mounting options, economical in use and perfect colour rendering!

    Select the desired color temperature of the LED modules and other options
    Choose 4 or more modules for the 60Watt adapter

  • Tweezers Precise

    A good aquarium tweezers is an essential tool to the aquarium with the greatest possible precision to be able to be planted. With the thin point of this plant tweezers are made are fine, fragile aquarium plants precisely to plants.

    Length: 300 mm

  • Daytime Dim Module 3-channel
    €120.33 -30% €171.90

    With this 3-channel Dim module it is possible to the Daytime CONTROL LED aquarium lighting to operate. With "Plug&Play" connection it can easily between the LED lights and the 12V adapter be placed.

  • ADA Pinsettes

    These professional tweezers are the resilience, accuracy of the tip and the length is perfect with each other in balance. Tweezers are a must-have for every aquascaper to a nauwkeruige layout.

    Available in various lengths

  • Skimmer drijver vervanger
  • The 4-pin connector CONTROL
    €15.33 -30% €21.90

    This 4-pole plug makes it possible to Daytime Cluster CONTROL LED lighting connect LED controllers from manufacturers such as GHL, IKS, Giesemann, Easy Time, etc.

  • Substraat vlakker

    With this substrate atness, it is easy to the bottom just to make. He has 2 different widths (17mm and 70mm) also in small spaces the soil surface. Suitable for the beginner and the experienced aquascaper!

    Length: 320mm

  • ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip

    ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip are the ideal tool for planting of plants such as Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. The end is wider and thicker than normal Pinsettes, making the plants stronger and can be held. The Pro-Tweezers with Grip in three different lengths available for different types of plants and aquariumafmetingen.

  • BorneoWild Long Cutter
    €41.93 -30% €59.90

    The Long Cutter from Borneo Wild is a long scissors with an extra-large range for use in large and high aquarium.

    Available in 4 versions.