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Most aquatic plants and fish originate from tropical areas. To make sure the plants and fish feel at home it is important to provide the right temperature to the aquarium. You can use different types of heaters, just see what suits your preferences at best.

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  • Schego Titanium Heater

    Schego heaters are made of high quality titanium tubing and are, therefore, virtually unbreakable and sea water resistant. Titanium has been one of the best warmtegeleiders, and provides heat in an efficient manner, the aquarium standard glass heaters.

    Please select the appropriate version.

  • Schego Thermostat TR2

    When it is desired to maintain a set temperature in the aquarium, a Schego Thermostat is the solution. This allows a heating element up to 2000 Watt to be switched. Due to its simple operation, this device is suitable for both the hobby aquarist and professional.

  • with Aqua Medic's Titanium Heaters

    Aqua Medic Titanium heater provides a reliable solution to the fish tank to heat up. Many, many times safer to use than glass heaters. Titanium is a solid and seawater-proof. The safety is combined with a protection against overheating and dry running protection.

    Available in 4 different versions:

  • the Aqua Medic T controller twin

    Aqua Medic T controller twin is the perfect pump for the aquarium and for it to heat up and to cool down. With the waterproof temperature sensor, the temperature of the water in the unit.

  • Oase HeatUp
    With the control knob at the top of this aquariumthermosstaat you can select the temperature to be accurately set. As soon as the heater is turned on, and the patent bimetaaltechniek, the pilot light is burning.

    Available in: 25, 50, 75,100, 150, 200, 250 with 300 Watts
  • The Jolly Nano Heater
    Stylish heater for nano aquariums. The Jolly nano heater is a small, compact, and extremely durable. This heater is fully immersed. The blue pilot light indicates that the heating is turned on.

    Available in 10 and 20 Watts is
  • Dennerle Nano Thermometer is Compact

    Dennerle Nano Thermometer is Compact, it is the ideal heater for a small tank. With its Compact form, with controlled temperature.

    Available in 25, 50, 100, or 150 Watts

  • Dennerle Eco-Line ThermoTronic

    The ThemoTronic bottom heater from Dennerle and generates a constant heat output to the tank. At the bottom is created of a light-water circulation, which is a natural supply of nutrients and oxygen for the roots can reach it.

    Available in 5, 10 or 20 Watts of power

  • ADA NA Thermometer

    ADA NA thermometer is specially designed for the Nature Aquarium, and has a simple and minimalist design. It's a slim model, you can tidy around the edges of the aquarium that can be hung without the use of a suction cup, and the temperature is easy to read.

    Please select the correct size for the correct glass thickness of your aquarium.

  • Schego a suction of up to 25

    Schego suction cups replacement suction cups for the Titanium Heater.
    2 pieces or more.

    Diameter: 25 mm

  • Schego cable

    Schego cable for the Schego disaster relief.

    CAUTION: Does not fit on TRD2

    They are available in 2-metre or 5-metre

  • Hobby Aqua cooler

    The Hobby Aqua Cooler provides cooling for the tank. The Aqua Cooler is easy to install. With the help of the terminals of the fan to the glass cover with a thickness up to 25 mm can be attached. The unit has a 55° tilt.

    Available in V2, V4 or V6

  • Hobby Aqua Cooler Control

    Aqua Cooler Control, making it possible for the water to cool to the set temperature. The built-in sensor measures the aquariumtemperatuur, and displays it on the digital display to 1° C accuracy. Use the Cool-Control with the Hobby Aqua Cooler.

  • HS Aqua Thermometer glass, glass, mini
    The Thermometer, in a lovely and compact design. Only 8 cm long and has a neutral color, so it's hardly noticeable in the tank. With a white background to check the temperature easy-to-read.
  • HS Aqua Thermometer glass
    The Thermometer, in a lovely and compact design. Only 8 cm long and has a neutral color, so it's hardly noticeable in the tank. With a white background to check the temperature easy-to-read.
  • Oasis HeatControl
    External thermometer for reaching the ideal temperature with 2 meter long temperature sensor for an accurate and constant measurement. Connection to any heating elements up to 600 W possible - for example with HeatUp or titanium heaters.
  • aFAN Aquarium cooling fan
    aFAN aquarium cooling fan provides efficient cooling for the aquarium water. Suitable for an aquarium up to 100 liters. Provides air cooling in any type of aquarium.

    aFAN is available in 2 versions: standard and PRO
  • Oasis Digital Thermometer
    With the digital thermometer, the temperature in the aquarium can be easily read at any time. It can be easily stuck to the outside of the aquarium wall. The thermometer measures the water temperature very accurately and is easy to read thanks to the large digital display. A battery is included.