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A beautifull aquarium is a clean aquarium! Aquarium mainenance is therfore necessary. Cleaning dirt and algae from the glass, cutting aquarium plants and fertilizing them, changing water etc. are essential maintenance jobs for the aquarium. The right care and attention will improve the overal impression of the layout!


  • Tweezers

    A good pinsette essential by setting up the aquarium with aquarium plants. Plants need to be planted in the substrate with delicacy, without damaging the roots. With a pinsette the plants can be easily planted in a small aquarium or small spaces between driftwood, rocks or other aquatic plants with great precision.

  • Scissors

    A good pair of scissors is essential for maintaining the aquarium. With a good pair of plant scissors there will be inflicted as less damage and stress as possible to the aquarium plants. Also a good balance and handling provides a great operating experience and joy to your trimming jobs.

  • Cleaning

    A nice aquarium is a clean aquarium. An aquarium with algae on the glass or dirt on the bottom makes a dirty impression. Maintaining your aquascape is absolutely neccasary to keep the beauty alive. Changing water frequently, cleaning the glass, suction the substrate and remove other dirt will improve the joy of the viewer!

  • Plant fertilizer and...

    Plant fertilizer is essential for a healthy growth of aquarium plants. An adequate aquarium fertilization provides the aquarium plants with nutrition and trace elements and will result in a lush plant groth. Also a good plant growth will inhibit the growth of algae in the aquarium.

  • Water quality

    Correct water quality is of great importance for the well-being of the animals and plants in the aquarium. Stress is also often the number one cause of death in fish and shrimp. Maintaining a healthy living environment can be done by testing the values of the aquarium water. With the right resources, conditions can be optimized so that all inhabitants feel at home in the aquarium.

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  • HS Aqua Test Set 1 pH/NH4/NO2
    The water quality in your aquarium is subject to fluctuations. To always guarantee optimal living conditions for your fish, we recommend checking the water quality weekly.
  • Azaqua Plant Tweezers Precise

    Good aquarium tweezers are an essential tool for planting the aquarium with the greatest possible precision. With the thin tip of these plant tweezers, fine, fragile aquarium plants can be planted accurately.

    Length: 300mm

  • HS Aqua Test Set 2 GH/KH/NO3/PO4
    The water quality in your aquarium is subject to fluctuations. To always guarantee optimal living conditions for your fish, we recommend checking the water quality weekly.
  • ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip
    Type: S M L

    ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip are the ideal tool for planting plant species such as Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. The end is wider and thicker than normal Pinsettes, allowing the plants to be held more firmly. The Pro-Pincet Grip is available in three different lengths for different types of plants and aquarium sizes.

  • HS Aqua Test Set 3 pH/GH/KH
    The water quality in your aquarium is subject to fluctuations. To always guarantee optimal living conditions for your fish, we recommend checking the water quality weekly.
  • ADA Pro Pinsettes
    Type: S M L XL

    With these professional tweezers, the resilience, tip accuracy and length are perfectly balanced. Tweezers are a must-have for every aquascaper to create an accurate layout.

    Available in different lengths

  • TDS meter
    TDS for measuring the amount of dissolved substances in the water. Use this TDS meter to gain insight into the water quality and determine whether an adjustment needs to be made to the water. The meter also measures the temperature.

    Display result in PPM
  • Azaqua Plant Scissors Curve

    The Azaqua Plant Shears Curve has an ideal length for pruning tall aquarium plants. The scissors are well balanced, making it easy to cut large groups of aquarium plants to the desired length. In a high aquarium, these scissors can also be used for pruning foreground plants.

    Length: 300mm

  • Test strips 6 in 1
  • Azaqua Plant Scissors Flow
    Length: 200mm 240mm

    With the Azaqua aquarium plant scissors Flow, pruning Hemianthus, Eleocharis or Glossostigma is no problem at all. The flowing shape can be handled effortlessly at different angles and, of course, regular stem plants can also be pruned back with great precision. Suitable for the beginner and the advanced aquascaper!

    Length: 200mm or 240mm

  • pH test
    The pH value is one of the most important values of aquarium and pond water. Biological processes in the water can cause the pH value to change over time. Because all aquarium and pond inhabitants react very sensitively to changes in the pH value, regular monitoring is necessary.

    approx. 140 tests
  • ADA Pro Scissors
    Type: M L

    Pro-Scissors are professional scissors. With these scissors it is very easy to prune the layout. Because they are quite long, they can easily reach the deeper places.

    Type M = 305mm
    Type L = 355mm

  • KH test
  • ADA Pro Scissors S
    Type: Straight Curve

    The special scissors developed for pruning lush stem plants. These stylish, uniquely designed scissors are extremely functional and easy to handle in the aquarium.

    Choose from:
    Curve type (curved)
    Straight type

    length: 255mm

  • GH test
  • ADA Pro Scissors Short
    Type: Straight Curve

    These shears are designed for pre-pruning aquarium plants before planting them in the aquarium or for pruning plants close to the water surface. The Pro-Scissors are sharp and manoeuvrable, making it extremely comfortable to work when maintaining your plants.

    Choose from:
    Straight (straight) or Curve (curved)
    length: 170mm

  • NO2 test
  • ADA Pro Scissors Spring
    Type: Straight Curve

    ADA Pro Scissors Spring are handy scissors for pruning and maintaining java moss or fissidens on wood in the aquarium. Thanks to its smart design, it is also ideal for pruning Needle Grass or Echinodorus tenellus in a small aquarium.

    Choose from:
    Curve (curved)

    length = ~160mm

  • NO3 test
  • ADA Pro Scissors Wave

    The ADA Pro-Scissors Wave are very handy scissors that can be used for various purposes. For pruning aquarium plants in the foreground such as Hemianthus callitrichoides, Needle Grass or Glossostigma elatinoides.

    length = 200mm

  • NH3/NH4 test
  • ADA Clean Bottle

    The ADA Clean Bottle can be used to clean glassware by soaking it in a solution of water with ADA Superge. The cleaning solution can be easily mixed in this plastic bottle.

  • PO4 test
    Phosphate is an end product from the breakdown of organic substances such as food remains, fish feces, etc. In high concentrations it can cause algae growth. Phosphate is also an important source of nutrition for aquarium plants. Use this phosphate test regularly to gain insight into the processes in the aquarium.

    Contents: (approx. 40 tests)
  • ADA Superge

    ADA Superge is a cleaning agent for removing deposits and algae on the glassware of, for example, CO2 diffusers such as the ADA New Pollen Glass or Lily Pipes. Cleaning your CO2 diffuser is easy by soaking it in a Superge solution.

    content: 300ml