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hardscape materials

Natural aquarium decoration has it's own character. Every rock of piece of wood is unique and is a piece of art constructed by nature! By carefully filling up the aquarium with decorative materials, a nice and appealing composition can be constructed. By making use of high quality materials the natural appearance of the aquarium is amplified!


  • Stones (per kg)

    Need aquarium stones with a lot of details and character? Rocks in different colors and sizes? Choose from the most beautiful stones for your aquascape. Here you can find different types of rocks to give the aquarium its own unique character. With different colors, textures and characteristics you have an unlimited artistic freedom to create the layout of your dreams!

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  • Wood
    Aquarium wood comes in many shapes and sizes. Wood for an aquascape or wood for a natural biotope aquarium. We have a wide choice of beautiful pieces of wood for your aquarium for sale. Beautiful wood emphasizes the natural atmosphere in an aquascape. Each branch has its own appearance and is completely unique. This creates an arsenal of material to make the most beautiful creations. Wood is also very suitable for hiding places for fish in the aquarium. It also offers a good surface to tie up mosses or aquarium plants.
  • Spiderwood

    Spiderwood or Redmoor Wood is perfect for the use in an aquarium and has lots of fine branches. It is highly decorative and therefore very beautiful wood to use in an aquascape. A truly unique natural product with a very elegant character for a natural decorated aquarium.

  • Driftwood

    The natural Driftwood material is extremely beautiful wood for the aquarium. The curved shapes and interesting texture of this tropical driftwood has a very natural appearance. By combining multiple pieces together you can create a characteristic layout in the aquarium. This wood can also be used to attach mosses or ferns. Every piece is unique and sold sepately.

  • Cordo Root
    Corbo Root is a type of wood with whimsical shapes. In the aquarium, the weathered stumps of Eucalyptus trees come into their own beautifully. Many bulges and openings in the Corbo Root provide nice hiding places.
  • Manzanita wood

    Manzanita wood originates from bushy like trees from Nord-West  Amerika. The branches are very curved and have many branches. They look extremely decorative in the aquarium. Manzanita wood is a hard type of wood that sinks quit rapidly and does not leak substances to the water. Perfect to use in a natural looking aquarium!

  • Bonsai tree
    A Bonsai Tree for the aquarium is composed of natural driftwood and has been carefully shaped by hand into a special tree. Every Bonsai Tree is therefore unique and a work of art in itself and gives the aquarium a unique look.
  • Complete Layout sets

    In this category there are complete sets. These are specially arranged and can be rebuild in your aquarium. Special desires or looking for something simular? Please contact us, so we can put together a layout that fits your needs!

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