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Aquarium botanicals are extremely decorative in the aquarium. If we look at nature, the bottoms of rivers, streams and pools are strewn with leaves and branches. Botanicals are indispensable when it comes to mimicking nature. They give the aquarium a brown to yellow color due to the tannins. These help in increasing animal health. We offer first-class botanicles for a shrimp or biotope aquarium to creatively mimic nature.

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  • Ancient Root
    Ancient Roots take any aquascape to the next level. They are very fine roots, with which amazing details can be added to an aquascape. It can't be missed at Indonesian style aquascapes and they are often seen in the IAPLC participating aquascapes.

    Quantity: per bundle
  • banana leaves
    Banana leaves can be used in the aquarium as an antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal agent. It keeps the aquarium free of pathogens, resulting in healthier fish. In addition, just like Catappa leaves, they have a stress-reducing effect.

    Content: approx. 5 leaves per bag (approx. 10 grams)
    Dimensions: approx. 10x35cm
  • Beukenbladeren

    A first class natural product! Beukenbladeren lowering the pH of the aquarium water in a natural way, without that the water is strongly discoloured. The released humic acids make the fish feel comfortable and beukenbladeren are highly decorative for the biotope aquarium!

    Contents: 30 pieces

  • Casuarina cones
    Amount: 10 stuks 25 stuks

    Casuarina cones are a nice alternative to Elzenproppen. The operation is similar. Casuarina cones release tannins into the aquarium water. This will give the water a brown tint and lower the pH.

    Packed per 10 or 25

  • Catappa leaves
    Amount: 5 stuks 10 stuks 25 stuks
    Size: S M L

    Catappa leaves have many good properties and offer a completely natural solution to skin and fin problems in fish. These catappa leaves also have a preventive effect against moldy eggs and prevent stress in fish and shrimp.

    S = approx. 12 to 17cm
    M = approx. 17 to 23cm
    L = approx. 23 to 27cm

    Packed per 5, 10 or 25 pieces

  • Catappa Bark tubes
    Catappa Bark tubes are pieces of dried bark from the Sea Almond tree. Catappa bark has a positive influence on water quality. The rolled shape creates a safe hiding place for shrimps. Catappa Bark lasts a long time in aquarium.

    Length: 14 to 18cm
    Weight: approx. 14 grams
    Price per piece
  • Catappa Bark stripes

    Catappa Bark tubes are pieces of dried bark from the Sea Almond tree. Catappa bark has a positive influence on water quality. The rolled shape creates a safe hiding place for shrimps. Catappa Bark lasts a long time in aquarium.

    Length: 8 to 15cm
    Weight: 20 grams
    Price per pack of 20 grams

  • Oak leaves

    Oak leaves in the aquarium are ideal for natural decoration in biotope aquariums. The released humic acids and shelters ensure that fish feel comfortable. A first class natural product!

    Contents: 25 pieces

  • Elzenproppen

    A first class natural product to the water quality in a natural way to optimize. Elzenproppen reduce the KH and PH by the issue of including tannic acid. Elzenproppen also contain substances that in a natural way fish protect against fungi and infections and inhibits alggroei. Ideal as a decoration and a tool in the shrimp tank!

    Contents: 50 grams

  • Guava leaves
    Guava leaves are known for their anti-bacterial effect. In the aquarium a biofilm forms over the leaves. Shrimp, lobsters, snails and fish feed on this. Guava leaves are a natural part of shrimp habitat.

    Content: 10 pieces
    approx. 12-14cm
  • Hazelnut jackets

    Hazelnut jackets are the verhoute fruits of the boomhazelaar. These have a non-ordinary and are, therefore, very nice as decoration in the aquarium.

    Content: 3 pieces

  • Jackfruit leaves

    Jackfruit leaves come from the Artocarpus heterophyllus . This tree is related to fig and mulberry and is common in Asia. Leaves fall from the trees and end up in streams and rivers. They are part of the natural habitat of killifish, gourami, barbels, etc. In the water they release tannins that give the water a brown color and make the water more acidic.

    Content: 10 pieces
    Size: approx. 10-18cm

  • coconut flowers

    Coconut flowers can serve as a natural decoration in the aquarium. The dried petals become woody and stay well in the aquarium for a long time. In a biotope aquarium they immediately give a tropical look.

    Length: max. 30cm (some flowers have no stem)
    Content: 3 pieces

  • Mango leaves
    Mango leaves, like Catappa leaves and other botanicals, are very suitable for use in the aquarium. The leaves have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. During natural decomposition, a biofilm is formed on the leaves in which many micro-organisms live. Shrimp, lobsters, snails and fish feed on this. Mango leaves are part of natural habitats of many fish species.

    Content: 10 pieces
    Size: approx. 12-21cm
  • Mangrove leaves
    Mangrove leaves, like other leaves for the aquarium, provide an excellent surface for a biofilm. A lot of micro-organisms are involved in the decomposition of the leaves. All shrimp feed on it. With the presence of leaves, natural food is always available for shrimp, including baby shrimp.

    Contents: approx. 25-30 pieces
    Size: approx. 6-15cm
  • Mahogany pods
    Mahogany pods are the woody sheaths of the seeds of the Swietenia mahagoni tree. These are about 10 cm long and can be used in the aquarium as a natural hiding place.

    Size approx. 8-15 cm long
    Per Unit
  • Mini Root Twigs
    Mini Root Twigs are the ideal complement to add detail. A hardscape that is built with Driftwood can be provided with a lot of extra details with these twigs.

    Quantity: per 10 twigs
  • Spiderwood Twigs 15-25cm
    Content: 100 gram 250 gram
  • Sterculia pod
    Sterculia pods are woody pods from the Sterculia foetida tree. The tree grows in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Once the pods fall from the tree, they are collected. In the aquarium, they can be used as a natural shelter. The size is about 10 cm.

    Per Unit
  • Walnootbladeren

    From the leaves of the walnut tree is known to be antibacterial and schimmelremmende possess. They contain many vitamins that help with digestion, fertility and intensify the colors. Not for nothing are they for many years with success in the aquarium. A first class natural product!

    Contents: 25 pieces

  • Hobby Turfplaten (3pcs.)
    Turfblokken in the tank when the lower layer is used in order to cover it with gravel. Due to turf occurs as a slight acidification of the soil with a lower pH value.

    Pack of 3 sheets
  • Dennerle Catappa Bark Nano

    Catappa Bark is the bark of the Sea-Almond tree. In addition to his Catappabladeren is also the bark is very suitable to the aquarium. Catappa Bark has the same properties and protects against bacteria and fungi. The aquarium water is a natural way feature of humane acids and lowers the pH.

    Content: 8 pieces (approx. 80 mm)

  • Dennerle Catappa Leaves Nano
    Leaves of the tropical almond tree. Dennerle Catappa Leaves-nano are the mature, dried leaves of the Ketapangboom (tropical almond tree). This Catappa leaves are rich in numerous natural active substances. So are catfish and shrimp love the leaves as a source of valuable bijvoer.

    Content: 12 pieces (approx.8x5cm)
  • WIO Mini Root Mix
    Add natural beauty and intricate detail to your aquarium, paludarium or terrarium with Mini Roots! Our roots come in a range of thin to ultra-thin formats, allowing you to create nature-inspired creations with extreme detail.

    Content: >80gram