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  • Shrimp products

    The keeping and breeding of freshwater shrimp is excellent in a Nature Aquarium. The freshwater shrimp in top condition to get and keep the right attention and proper care is very important. Here you will find quality products for your shrimp, because only the best is good enough.

  • Shrimps
    Shrimp are always looking for food in the aquarium and are therefore useful animals. View our selection of shrimps for the aquarium here.
  • Snails
    Buy snails for the aquarium? We offer some useful ornamental snails such as Neritina and Clithon for the aquarium. These eat algae and help clean up all kinds of dead materials in the aquarium. They also get to places we can't reach. Most species of snails will not reproduce in the aquarium and will therefore never be able to form a pest.

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  • Anatoma helena (Snail-eating snail)
    Anatome helena or the Lettuce-chained snail is a freshwater snail originating from Southeast Asia. The Anatome Helena grows to about 3cm. Their house is black and yellow striped. The aquarium does not have to be big for them.
  • GlassGarten ShrimpFit

    GlasGarten Betaglucan +Immunglobulin is a combination that helps to strengthen the immune system of shrimp in the aquarium and improve their ability to keep out fungi and harmful bacteria.

    Content: 35 grams

  • Clithon sp. "fancy"
    Clithon sp. "Fancy" are small snails with fun colors and patterns. Brown is often the basic color with numerous variations, which may or may not have stripes and/or dots. They are real cleaners. They will look for food in all corners of the aquarium.
  • Net Shrimpcatcher

    The Azaqua net Shrimpcatcher is a very fine landing-net for shrimps easy to catch. The net is 5cm round and 5cm deep where shrimps are not easy to escape from. Lightweight design and highly manoeuvrable.

  • Clithon sowerbyana
    Clithon sowerbyana "antler snail" are small snails with bulges on their shell. Brown-yellow is often the basic color. They are real cleaners. They will look for food in all corners of the aquarium.
  • Filter Guard Fine

    The Azaqua Filter Guard Fine is about the filterinlaat pushed. Thanks to the fine wire mesh of stainless steel have baby shrimp or snails no chance to be in the external filters reduce. Also, plant remains don't get the chance to the filter to get dirty.

    Select the desired diameter

  • Crystal Red Shrimp AS
    Crystal Red shrimp are active shrimp that are constantly looking for food. They feed on microscopic particles found on leaves and decorative materials.

    Minimum order: 5 pieces
  • Voederschaal DINNER

    With the Azaqua voederschaal Dinner shrimp to sincerely lust for food and is not at all terrible that they have no table manners. No more food, what between the substrate and what is Planaria and algae can cause.

  • Faunus sp. cappuccino
    Faunus sp. cappuccino is a special snail, originating from Asia. The house is elongated and can be about 6 cm long. The tip is white and changes to brown to finish in black, reminiscent of cappuccino. The body of the snail is gray with light dots.
  • Voederbuis

    With the Voederbuis is it possible to have shrimp and other bottom dwellers focused. By funnel-shaped opening is there no feed is spilled, and the voederschaal aimed to be refilled.

  • Filopaludina martensi (White Miracle Snail)
    Filopaludina martensi or also the White Wizard Snail or in Dutch the White Wonder Snail is a freshwater snail, native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. This "white" variety comes from Thailand and grows to about 6 cm.
  • Planaria Trap

    Planaria can be a big annoyance in the aquarium. A Planaria trap is a useful tool to Planaria and other types of worms, to catch, without the use of pesticides. The Trap is made entirely of glass and easy to use.

  • Neritina natalensis (Zebra runner snail)
    Neritina natalensis, or as we call it in Dutch the Zebra snail is a species of snail from South Africa. It owes its Dutch name to its color and the fact that it moves quickly for a snail. In the aquarium it grows to about 3cm.
  • Shrimp King Complete

    Dennerle Shrimp King Complete run-pallets for daily feeding of all freshwater shrimp in the aquarium. This contains all the essential nutrients and opbouwstoffen that shrimp are required for a healthy, well-balanced growth, development of beautiful colors and increase their health.

    Content: 30 grams or 400 grams

  • Neritina pulligera
    Neritina pulligera, or as we call it in Dutch the German helmet snail, Algae snail or Brown snail is a species of snail from South Africa. It also occurs in Taiwan. He is very popular as a cleaner. There is probably no better window scraper than the Neritina pulligera. In addition, it is excellent to keep with other snails, fish and shrimps.

    In the aquarium it grows to about 3cm.
  • Shrimp King Protein

    Dennerle Shrimp King Protein feed pallets for targeted nutrition for all freshwater shrimp in the aquarium. This contains high-quality proteins and essential amino acids. For times when the shrimp is an increased need for protein, such as in the formation of eggs during the breeding season.

    Content: 45g

  • Neritina turrita (Orange Track racing snail)
    Neritina turrita / Vittina semiconica or Orange Track racing snail, is a beautiful snail species for the aquarium. It occurs in coastal areas around the Indian Ocean. It is called "Orange track Snail" because of the pattern that sometimes consists of 3 interrupted stripes and resembles a tire track. It grows to about 3cm in the aquarium.

    Quantity: from 3 pieces
  • Shrimp King Mineral

    Water stable feed-flakes from 100% natural ingredients for specific mineraalsupplementen. Shrimp King Mineral garnalenvoer contains many ingredients of high quality, such as that used in the main part of the diet, an extra portion of minerals.

    Content: 45g

  • Neritina variegata (Batik runner snail)

    Neritina variegata - Batik runner snail

    Neritina variegata, or as we call it in Dutch the Batik snail or Tattoo snail, is a species of snail from Asia. It owes its Dutch name to the variable pattern. In the aquarium it grows to about 2.5-3 cm.

  • Shrimp King Color

    Dennerle Shrimp King Color run-pallets for daily feeding of all freshwater shrimp in the aquarium. For the strengthening of the colours of all yellow, orange and red-coloured shrimps. Contains a high content of natural substances which colour strengthen, such as Astaxanthin, Beta-carotene and lutein.

    Content: 35g

  • Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)
    Neritina waigiensis or as it is called today: Vittina waigiensis is a very popular snail for the aquarium. In nature, it occurs along the coasts of the Philippines. It grows to about 2-3 cm.
  • Shrimp King Baby

    Dennerle Shrimp King Baby small granular pellets for daily feeding of juvenile shrimps. Specially formulated to meet the needs of small shrimp to meet. For all larvae stages and healthy growth, trouble-free scaling.

    Content: 35g

  • Planorbella duryi (Blue posthorn snail)
    Planorbella duryi are beautiful snails with a blue appearance. The body is brown, pink to orange in color. In the aquarium, these blue posthorn snails are about 2.5 to 3 cm in size.

    Price per piece.
  • Shrimp King 5in1

    The kennismakingspakket contains 5 types of garnalenvoer from the Shrimp King series. All of the important nutrients that your shrimp need to sit there! Treat your shrimp with a varied menu, and make sure for optimum color, health, moults and breeding!

    5x 6-gram