CO2 toebehoren

Adding CO2 to the aquarium can be complicated, but with the right accessories it becomes relatively easy. Also when you need to attach multiple aquariums to one system, you can find everything you need here.

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  • CO2 bottle refillable
    Bottle content: 500 gram 2 kg 6 kg

    With these FULL, refillable CO2 bottles you have an economical and sustainable solution to supply the aquarium with CO2. The CO2 bottles are equipped with a handy carrying handle.

    Choice of:
    500 grams, 2, 6 or 10 kg

    Bottle is supplied full

  • Fill/exchange CO2 bottle
    Type: Swap Refill own bottle
    Bottle content: 500 gram 2 kg 6 kg 10 kg

    Have your empty CO2 bottle filled? That is possible with our CO2 bottle exchange system! Filling of 500 grams, 2, 6 or 10 kg

    Want to exchange a CO2 bottle with a full bottle from our exchange system? Do not forget to provide the serial number.

    We receive a lot of bottles. Always provide your package with a note with your details.

  • Dennerle CO2 disposable bottle
    Content: 500 gram 1200 gram

    Benefit from the convenience of a Dennerle CO2 disposable bottle. The CO2 bottle is filled with 500 or 1200 grams of CO2 and is immediately ready for use.

    Content: 500 or 1200 grams

    Price per piece

  • ADA CO2 Forest Bottle

    This is a navullings CO2 cartridge for the ADA CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2. This CO2 refill is very easy to connect to the ADA CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2. The CO2 from this cartridge is lightly scented and is available in the scents "Amazonian, Malayan or African".

    Choice of: per piece or per set of 3

  • Tropica CO2 System 60 refill

    These are the navul cylinders for the Tropica CO2 System 60. Tropica CO2 System 60 is a cheap solution for CO2 to add to the aquarium.

    Content: 3 pieces á 5000 ml of CO2

  • Tropica CO2 System Nano Cylinder

    Tropica CO2 System Nano Cylinder refill cartridge.

    Content: 95 grams

  • ADA CO2 System 74 Clear Stand

    In this ADA Clear Stand CO2 can cartridge of the ADA CO2 system 74 in a safe way can be placed. The transparent acrylic is almost impossible, and the CO2 cartridge hangs neatly on the edge of the aquarium.

  • ADA Clear Parts Set

    A set of accessories (suction cups, silicone tubing, check valve) for the installation of glass products for CO2 addition. Replace the check valve every year. It is recommended to use the silicon tubing to replace.

  • ADA CO2 Pressure Tube (2m)
    Color: Black clear-blue clear-transparant

    ADA pressurised CO2 hose is used for the connection between the CO2 regulator, solenoid valve and check valve. This hose can also be used for the connection of Joint parts. Connect this hose is not directly on the glass products.

    2 metres
    available in different colors
    diameter: 4/6mm

  • CO2 pressure tube per meter
    Color: Black clear-transparant

    Solid, pressurised CO2 hose. Pressure-resistant up to 13 bar.

    Per meter
    available in transparent-clear, black or white-transparent
    diameter: 4/6mm

  • CO2 hose (flexible) per m

    Flexible, white - transparent CO2 tubing. Non-permeable and pressure-resistant. For connecting the CO2 bubble counter and CO2 diffuser to the CO2 system of the aquarium.


    Price per meter
    As the number you fill in the desired number of meters.

    diameter: 4/6mm

  • ADA CO2 check valve

    By this CO2 check valve between the CO2 bubble counter and the CO2 system will prevent water from the aquarium into the CO2 regulator or CO2 valve.

  • ADA Cabochon Ruby

    The Cabochon Ruby is a durable and decorative check valve for the CO2 system. The red ball seems to be on a Ruby and will not wear out with prolonged use. By the beautiful design, this is a functional piece of jewelry next to your aquarium.

  • CO2 Solenoid valve

    With this CO2 magnetic solenoid valve is possible to the CO2 supply during the night to a close. A reliable valve that is easy to use with a plug in timer switch can be inserted. This prevents waste of CO2, as an aquarium overnight no CO2 is needed.

  • EHEIM CO2 Solenoid valve for powerLED+
    With the solenoid valve, the CO2 supply in the aquarium can be switched off - eg to regulate the pH or at night. This solenoid valve has been specially developed for the EHEIM LEDcontrol+ light control system and EHEIM pHcontrol+e.
  • EHEIM CO2 Solenoid Valve
    With the solenoid valve, the CO2 supply in the aquarium can be switched off - eg to regulate the pH or at night.
  • ADA CO2 Speed Controller

    With the ADA CO2 Speed Controller is the amount of CO2 exactly. When the CO2 hose from the source is split, there must be, on every branch its own CO2 Speed Controller to the proper amount to dispense.

    Use Speed Controller (1) for less than 1 call per second.
    Use Speed Controller, Large (2) for a dosage of more than 1 call per second.

  • ADA CO2 Stop Valve
    Type: Hand Valve (1) Ball Valve White (3)
    from €24.90

    With the ADA CO2 Stop Valve ball valve allows the CO2 supply to the CO2 diffuser be sealed in a simple snap. Available in different colors that match with the CO2 system and small run, so that he almost doesn't notice. Ball Valve G (4) has a larger version, making it even easier to operate.

  • ADA CO2 Tubing distributor
    Type: 1-3 branch T branch (Black) Y branch (Black) 1-4 branch

    With a CO2 Tubing distributor is the CO2 hose from the CO2 bottle to distribute to multiple aquariums or more CO2 diffusers.

    Select the desired branch.

  • ADA CO2 Elbow Union

    With an ADA CO2 Elbow Union can the CO2 supply in a bend of 90 degrees to be guided.

  • ADA CO2 Stop Cap (2 pieces)

    With the CO2 Plug Caps can be a CO2 hose to be closed.

    Per 2 pieces

  • ADA Mini Gauge (in-line)

    With a ADA Mini Gauge (in-line) the CO2 pressure in the hoses to be checked. Connect the CO2 tubing on both ends, and stop the CO2 supply to the pressure check.

  • Azaqua CO2 connector 90

    With this handy link can CO2 hose neatly in a how of 90 degrees to be guided, without that there is a chance that the snake nods.

  • Azaqua CO2 conncetor Y

    With this handy Y link can CO2 be divided from one CO2 source to two hoses. For example, with one CO2 bottle, two fish tanks of CO2.