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There are no limits when it comes to scaping the aquarium. With the right materials aquascapen is fun and easy. The natural character is reinforced by the use of natural aquarium decoration materials. Good products for aquascaping will always affect the end result and pleasure in a good way!


  • Substrate

    The substrate of the aquarium is the base of a healthy aquarium. A good watercirculation and supply of nutrients and oxygen, high activity from bacteria for the biological balance, absorbtion of nutrients by the roots of aquatic plants etc. In short: a healthy substrate contributes to a clear, fresh aquarium with good plant growth.

  • Botanicals
    Aquarium botanicals are extremely decorative in the aquarium. If we look at nature, the bottoms of rivers, streams and pools are strewn with leaves and branches. Botanicals are indispensable when it comes to mimicking nature. They give the aquarium a brown to yellow color due to the tannins. These help in increasing animal health. We offer first-class botanicles for a shrimp or biotope aquarium to creatively mimic nature.
  • hardscape materials

    Natural aquarium decoration has it's own character. Every rock of piece of wood is unique and is a piece of art constructed by nature! By carefully filling up the aquarium with decorative materials, a nice and appealing composition can be constructed. By making use of high quality materials the natural appearance of the aquarium is amplified!

  • Necessities

    When creating the desired layout of a Nature Aquarium it sometimes require special trics to get the job done. Underneath you will find products to attach moss on driftwood or rocks on the most natural way possible. But also some natural auqarium decorations for biotope or shrimp aquariums.

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