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There are no limits when it comes to scaping the aquarium. With the right materials aquascapen is fun and easy. The natural character is reinforced by the use of natural aquarium decoration materials. Good products for aquascaping will always affect the end result and pleasure in a good way!


  • Substrate

    The substrate of the aquarium is the base of a healthy aquarium. A good watercirculation and supply of nutrients and oxygen, high activity from bacteria for the biological balance, absorbtion of nutrients by the roots of aquatic plants etc. In short: a healthy substrate contributes to a clear, fresh aquarium with good plant growth.

  • Botanicals
    Aquarium botanicals are extremely decorative in the aquarium. If we look at nature, the bottoms of rivers, streams and pools are strewn with leaves and branches. Botanicals are indispensable when it comes to mimicking nature. They give the aquarium a brown to yellow color due to the tannins. These help in increasing animal health. We offer first-class botanicles for a shrimp or biotope aquarium to creatively mimic nature.
  • hardscape materials

    Natural aquarium decoration has it's own character. Every rock of piece of wood is unique and is a piece of art constructed by nature! By carefully filling up the aquarium with decorative materials, a nice and appealing composition can be constructed. By making use of high quality materials the natural appearance of the aquarium is amplified!

  • Necessities

    When creating the desired layout of a Nature Aquarium it sometimes require special trics to get the job done. Underneath you will find products to attach moss on driftwood or rocks on the most natural way possible. But also some natural auqarium decorations for biotope or shrimp aquariums.

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  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia
    from €20.90

    An aquarium bottom of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia is the most ideal substrate for a planted aquarium and offers optimal conditions for the growth and development of aquarium plants!

    Contents: 3L or 9L Normal
    Grain size: 2-5mm

    If not in stock: Delivery time unknown.

  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder

    A aquariumbodem of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia is the best substrate for a planted aquarium and offers optimum conditions for the growth and development of aquarium plants!

    Contents: 3 or 9L
    Powder Type (1mm)

  • ADA La Plata Sand

    La Plata Sand consists of fine, white grains that stand out in a brightly lit aquarium. This aquarium gravel is perfect for creating a natural look of your aquarium.

    Also, the aquariumzand perfect to be used for, for example, Wabi-kusa and other purposes.

    Content: 2 or 8 kg
    particle size < 3mm

  • DOOA Tropical River Sand

    DOOA Tropical River Sand is a beautiful type of sand with a natural look. There is a difference in size and a slight color difference between all grains, creating a playful effect. The grains are relatively large for sand. This allows water to move freely through it and dirt particles can also sink through it.

    Content: 2.5 kg

  • ADA Colorado Sand

    Colorado Sand has a natural color with a warm atmosphere. This aquariumzand gets the green of the aquarium plants to the top, and the creative possibilities are unlimited.

    Content: 8kg
    particle size < 3mm

  • ADA Aqua Gravel S

    Aqua Gravel is natural riviergrind and this aquarium gravel has no effect on the waterwaardes of the aquarium water. It is also highly decorative and very suitable for a variety of applications in the creation of a seabed.

    Content: 2 of 8 kg
    grain size: 2 - 5 mm

  • ADA Bacter 100

    ADA Bacter 100 contains more than 100 different types of bacteria and micro-organisms which help to stabilize the biological balance in the aquarium. It can be added to the soil at the start of the aquarium, but can also directly in the water to be added.

    Content: 100g

  • DOOA Neo Glass Cover (15x15cm)
    This Cover is the ideal accessory for a DOO Neo Glass Air with 15x15cm surface. When caring for aquatic or tropical plants, it is important not to let them dry out. By using this cover, the moisture content is preserved.
  • Mironekuton Powder

    Mironekuton is an original Japanese and 100% natural mineraalpoeder, without other additions. It is exceptionally rich in minerals and sportenelementen (more than 66 different). Due to its variety of positive properties it is very popular with Japanese shrimp breeders and plant aquarium enthusiasts.

    Content: 150 grams (glass bottle) or 300 grams (Plastic bag)

  • ADA Bacter Ball

    ADA Bacter Ball is a substrate additive made from Bacter 100 in balvorm. This can be in the substrate or in the filter will be added.

    Content: 18 pieces

  • Tropica Nutrition Capsules

    Tropica Nutrition Capsules is an extra nutrient supplement for aquarium plants. Insert the capsules with a pair of tweezers at the roots of fast growing plants to provide extra nutrients.

    Content: 10 capsules

  • Spiderwood S (21-30cm)

    Spiderwood or Redmoor Wood is wood for the aquarium with very fine branches. Mosses, Java ferns and Anubias can be attached to the serpentine branches for added decorative value. The many twisted branches also provide nice hiding places for your fish.

    Size S (21-30cm)
    Price per piece

  • Substraat vlakker

    With this substrate atness, it is easy to the bottom just to make. He has 2 different widths (17mm and 70mm) also in small spaces the soil surface. Suitable for the beginner and the experienced aquascaper!

    Length: 320mm

  • ADA Clear Super

    With the addition of ADA Clear Super, the water quality of the aquarium is improved and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium bottom. Clear Super is a highly refined activated carbon powder mixed with several nutrients that the growth of nitrifying bacteria to promote.

    Contents: 50 grams

  • MasterLine Root Caps

    MasterLine Root Caps are capsules for the soil. There they will slowly release the important nutrients that plants need, right at their roots. The root system will develop better, resulting in a more robust plant growth with more intense colors. In more difficult plant species, the benefit is significant for healthy development.

    Content: 125 capsules

  • ADA Tourmaline BC

    ADA Tourmaline BC is a composition of iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium which are gradually dissolved and the water is enriched with important elements.

    Contents: 100 grams

  • MasterLine Root Caps - SAMPLE

    MasterLine Root Caps are capsules for use in the soil. There they will slowly deliver the important nutrients that plants need, directly to their roots. The root system will develop better, resulting in a more robust plant growth with more intense colours. In more difficult plant species, the benefit is significant for healthy development.

    NOT FOR SALE, ONLY AS A GIFT to be selected in the order overview. Adding to cart is ignored. max. 1 per customer.

    Contents: 10 capsules

  • Spiderwood L (41-50cm)

    Spiderwood or Redmoor Wood is wood for the aquarium with very fine branches. Moss species, Java ferns, and Anubias to the winding branches are attached for a extra decorative value. The many winding branches also provide nice hiding places for your fish.

    Size L (41-50cm)
    Price per piece

  • ADA Riccia Line (50m)

    Riccia Line is a special thread for Riccia to tie to rocks and wood. So can Riccia fluitans as a ground cover to be applied and can spread a beautiful carpet forms. The green color wire is barely visible in the aquarium. It can also be used for moss on rocks and wood to bind.

    1 roll of 50 metres

  • Hazelnut jackets

    Hazelnut jackets are the verhoute fruits of the boomhazelaar. These have a non-ordinary and are, therefore, very nice as decoration in the aquarium.

    Content: 3 pieces

  • Pro Picker

    ADA Pro Picker is a useful tool for the removal of algae that are growing on wood and stones.

    Length: 175mm

  • ADA Moss Cotton (200m)

    Moss Cotton is a special thread for tying of moss, like java moss or Fissidens sp on driftwood. The dark green color similar to that of Willow Moss and the material will be biodegradable after Willow Moss himself has attached to the wood or the stone.

    1 roll of 200 metres

  • Tropica Aquarium Soil

    Tropica Aquarium Soil ensures good and active growth from the beginning, and intensifies the color of red plants. It is a complete substrate, and without other types of soil types are used. Aquarium Soil is an active substrate, the pH value lowers, and also the water chemistry slightly affected.

    Available in 3 or 9 Litres

  • Driftwood M (31-40cm)
    from €14.36

    The natural Driftwood decoration material is particularly beautiful wood for the aquarium. The twisting shapes and captivating texture of the tropical driftwood has a very natural appearance.

    price per piece
    Size M (31-40cm)
    approx. 0.25-1.5 kg