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What do we mean by "dé aquascape speciaalzaak"

Established from hobby and driven by passion:

After years of keeping aquariums, do-it-yourself works, reading books and gathering as much information as possible, there is the hunger to do more and achieving the ultimate. Searching for the sectrets, the technics, the inspiration and the products that suit this ultimate. Being a perfectionist, simply searching for the best for his/her passion, there a too little places for you which can provide your needs. Too many times you have faced disappointments after purchasing bad products or receiving bad advisements of salesmen. Eventually only the best is good enough and when you experienced how quality looks like and functions, you simply do not want to use anything else anymore. This is the story of Azaqua and probably yours too. Established by hobby,learning from mistakes and now providing you with the best products from the best materials with the best results and we also try to give you the best, honest, detailed information.

Azaqua is an online shop for everybody who needs aquarium products of only the best quality. Our purpose is to provide only products which enhance the natural feeling of an aquarium. Experience nature form up close and as intense as possible. Keeping a Nature Aquarium and having respect for the living nature go hand in hand. You therefore won't find throwaway products that have a unnessary negative influence on the environment, materials of plastics, bright colored sand or other unnatural materials that negatively influence the natural character. Or products that turn out to be not so good and sold to you by a lying salesman. Azaqua does it best to inform everybody, beginner or professional. We are always willing to provide you with more information, so do not hesitate to ask questions. Important to know is that we do not "need" to sell anything. We don't care if you buy lots or a bit. All we care about to see as much people enjoying a beuatiful aquarium. We are your fellow hobbyist that helps you to achieve the best results possible and provide you with the best products and service.

What type of aquarium products do we sell?

Aquarium and lighting:
An Opti-White aquarium and ADA aquarium we sell are made of special glass, which is much has a much better clarity compared to normal glass. The result is that the barrier between the space and contents within the aquarium seems to dissapeare. It almost looks like the fish are floating in the space and you can touch the leaves of the plants. The feeling that nature is part of the room and wtihin reach is amplified beacause of the open tops. No bulky lighthoods that seal of the underwater world, no nasty, messy silicon waste corners and no enforcings. All your attention can go right into the scene, wtihout distractions.
The Daytime and ADA lighting in our sortiment are exclusively made to show nature in it's natural colors, just as nature attended. Not extra red, blue, but clean and fresh. Also the design enforces the open feel and is estheticly pleasing.

The best aquarium substrate / substrate system:
The succes of a healthy aquarium starts with a good foundation. We supply the complete ADA substrate system which consists of ADA aqua Soil, ADA Power Sand and additives to provide your substrate with the best conditions to grow aquatic plants. Excellent plant growth and optimum circumstances for bacteria and micro-organisms to thrive, also for the long term. However there are numerous other brands providing alternatives, ADA Aqua Soil is the very first and still the very best choice thanks to more then 10 years of innovation.

Glass filter inflow, outflow and CO2 accessoires:
Glass is nearly invisible under water. Therefore the viewer of the aquarium is a less distracted as possible. Glass filter pipes all have their specific characteristics. In the designs the function and appearence blend in perfectly, just as most ADA products. Aquarium technics are nessecary and essential for understanding the ecosystem. An ecosystem can not do without water circulation, lighting and CO2. CO2 equipment are also made of high clarity glass and are nicely designed for looks and function. Beautiful design in synergie with functionality, just as we like it.

Plant fertilizer and additives:
Healthy plant growth is the most important for a nice, healthy fresh looking aquarium. A well balanced supply of nutrients for evey uniek circumstance. In the startup fase of the aquarium, plants require different balanced nutrients then when fully grown. Also after trimming, plants can endure stress and experience a hard time. With the right supplements we can encourage growth and well-being of the aquatic plants.

The maintenance:
We provide numerous tools to maintain your aquarium and aquatic plants. It is important the plants experience as little stress as possible, so they can grow whealthy again. Pincettes for delicate handling don't damage the roots. Sharp, ergonomic scissors with surgical precision to help achieve the perfect shape of your group of plants. Plants want to look healthy, since it helps them to survive and multiply. It is our job to keep them thriving as much as possible!

Hardscape materials:
You will also find a wide range of hardcsape materials to choose from. By default we have a nice selection of Spiderwood in stock. The bigger pieces are unique to buy and come with 4 pictures, so you can easy choose the piece that is right for your layout. Also Dragon Stones or Seiryu stones are perfect hardscape materials for making a layout. Through the rough and detailed texture, the optical scale is improved. Our hardscape materials are of good quality with as less saw edges as possible.

Special offers:
Does it sound familiar? You just bought a product, to find out is in on sale the week with 25% discount. Very annoying and won't happen when you buy from Azaqua. We don't do flash sales. Every product we sell is worth it's penny. Our high-quality products have a very long lifespan. We also do not want to make a difference between customer A or B. Every person is the same and pays the same price and receives the same services. It doesn't get more honest then that.

Summed up;
Are you looking for de best quality and nicest designed aquarium products which provide you to get closer in contact with nature and you can enjoy for a long time? Buy your products on:

Not only we provide the best products, but we also provide excellent service. Our advise is always free, without obligations, so please feel free to contact us and we gladly help you out!


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