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Prodibio BioTrace 6 ampoules

Prodibio BioTrace

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Prodibio BioTrace

BioTrace contains all the micro-elements that organisms need in the aquarium. Think of essential amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins, trace elements, etc.

Bacteria are vital for a healthy aquarium. They help to purify the water and improve the water quality. In order to get and keep the bacterial cultures (of BioDigest, for example) in a well-functioning condition, they need the right nutrition. BioTrace provides bacteria with the micronutrients. Biotrace is a natural product that affects cellular bioactivators. It energizes the cellular metabolism of most bacteria that live in freshwater aquariums. It enhances the biological reactions by increasing the amount of bacteria. This optimizes the water quality. Biotrace quickly accelerates the digestion of organic matter, reduces BOD – biological oxidation – and therefore contributes to an increased Redox potential. It also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphates, which are an early warning sign of algae problems, and carbohydrates, thereby helping to regulate decomposition odors and optimize water quality.

BioTrace also supplies trace elements for all other aquarium life. For example, sulfur for the production of proteins, iron for plants and fish blood, cobalt for vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and potassium for many other processes in the aquarium.

What does Prodibio BioTrace do?

- Dynamizes the cellular metabolism of most bacteria living in freshwater aquariums
- BioTrace quickly accelerates the digestion of organic matter
- It also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphates

When should BioTrace be used?

- Use in combination with BioDigest bacteria
- When you want to have better water quality in your freshwater aquarium

How to use BioTrace?

What volume? What range? What dosage?
120 to 200 liters 1 ampoule every 15 days
201 to 400 liters 2 ampoules per 15 days
401 to 600 liters 3 ampoules per 15 days
601 to 800 liters 4 ampoules per 15 days
801 to 1000 liters 5 ampoules per 15 days

1001 to 2000 liters Pro 1 ampoule every 15 days
2001 to 4000 liter Pro 2 ampoule per 15 days
4001 to ... ... .. liters Pro add 1 vial every 2 000 liters


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