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Stones (per kg)

Need aquarium stones with a lot of details and character? Rocks in different colors and sizes? Choose from the most beautiful stones for your aquascape. Here you can find different types of rocks to give the aquarium its own unique character. With different colors, textures and characteristics you have an unlimited artistic freedom to create the layout of your dreams!

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  • Black Snailstone

    These dark gray stones for the aquarium are formed from the fossil remains of snails. White dots and stripes are present in the stones and numerous snail shells can be discovered. Black Snailstone is perfect for use in the aquarium and has a highly decorative character.

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  • Dark Seiryu Stones

    Dark Seiryu stones are stones for aquascaping and have a dark, whimsical appearance. White veins run over the dark base color. Underwater this gives an extraordinarily beautiful contrast. When selecting your ordered stones, we try to select a number of stones of different sizes.

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  • Dragon Stone

    The Dragon Stone is a type of stone from Asia and has a texture and appearance that is reminiscent of dragon skin. These aquarium stones with many holes and interesting structure have an impressive character and are therefore very suitable for use in the aquarium.

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  • Geo Rock

    Geo Rock or Geo Stone are stones for the aquarium with a lot of detail. Somewhat similar to Gray Mountain Stone, but with a deeper texture and a bit more angular.

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  • Glimmer Wood Rock

    Glimmer Wood Rock is a type of petrified wood. The base color is gray with white lines. All over the stone are glittering crystals that sparkle in the light! With these stones a unique atmosphere can be created in the aquarium.

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  • gray mountain stone

    Gray mountain stone has a very nice texture and soft, round shapes. In the aquarium the stones have a gray color. The stones are ideal for creating realistic landscapes.

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  • Koke Stone

    ADA Koke Stone is a volcanic rock with a relatively rough texture and angular shapes. The stones are quite light and have a rough texture. This is a very nice stone, for example, mosses and ferns to grow.

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  • Lava rock

    Lava rock

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  • Leopard stone

    Leopard stone has a smooth surface with a deep gray base color on which bright lines are visible. The stones are suitable for the aquarium, but the hardness of the water light affect.

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  • The Maple Leaf Rock

    The Maple Leaf Rock is a distinctive rock with a lot of details, which are perfect for an aquascape. When it's hot, oranjebruine the base colour, and is complimented by the beautiful shades of warm tones. Irregular forms and rough surface, giving the stone a much more interesting character. This stone is created quickly in a natural atmosphere in the aquarium.

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  • Elderly Stone

    Elderly Stones are ideal stones for aquascaping. For many millennia these stones have been exposed to extreme weather conditions. Beautiful lines and beautiful structures have been worn by wind, ice, water and snow. It is therefore the perfect stone to create an impressive layout.

    The stones we have are at least 2kg each, so only for larger aquascapes.

  • Red Fire Rock

    Red Fire Rock has a warm color and the stones have a relatively rough surface. The red tones alternate with brown and white lines and is very reminiscent of the red mountains or a Grand Canyon. Ideal for imitating a beautiful landscape in the aquarium!

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  • Round Flat Rock

    These dark gray stones may seem a bit dull and unsuitable for an aquascape at first glance. If you take a closer look at this type of stone, you will see beautiful shades in blue-gray tones with brown details. Here and there nice lines with relief are present and then it is noticeable that they are interesting stones to use in the aquarium.

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  • Relief Stone
    Relief Stone lives up to its name and has a great relief! Due to the whimsical shape and beautiful texture, this type of stone is perfect for the aquarium. The stones have a rocky appearance, with which an underwater landscape is quickly designed.

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  • Sansui Stone

    Sansui Stones is vulcanisch rock, just like Koke Stones. These stones are distinguished by a more layered structure and look very natural in the aquarium. The name is inspired by the atmosphere as Sansui paintings.

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  • Seiryu Stones

    Seiryu stones per kg in different sizes. We try to select a number of stones of different sizes. In any case, it is advisable to order some extra bricks, so that there is more freedom of choice when building the layout.

    Quantity per kg
    XL = 1 stone of 8-10 kg
    XXL = 1 stone 50-80cm (10-50kg)

  • Unzan Stone

    ADA Unzan Stone is a beautiful decoration material. It has a volcanic texture and whimsical look. It has cavities with a layer of Aqua Soil easy what aquarium plants can be put. Available in a variety of formats there are very impressive aquascapes.

    Available in various sizes
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  • Petrified wood

    Petrified wood has a beautiful warm color. The wood has since ancient times in stone turns and the pieces are often elongated in shape with vertical grooves. It may be that these stones, the hardness of the aquarium light affect.

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  • Petrified wood variegated

    Petrified wood is literally wood or plant matter what is in stone is changing. An impressive process which speaks to the imagination and what a unique look to this material. Decorative stones for the aquarium and that an aquascape is a very natural look!

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  • Yamaya Stone

    ADA amaya Stone offers many possibilities for an aquascape. The final appearance depends on how the stones are positioned, because the stones themselves have not really a distinct character. Yamaya Stones are vuistgroot and can together be piled up. The dark color contrasts nicely with bright green plants.