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Aquarium plants

Aquarium plants are crucial for a fresh appearence of the aquarium. Aquarium plants bring color and vivacity. Above all the aquarium plants posess an amazing attractivaty and contribute to the overal health of the ecosystem.


  • Foreground plants

    Foreground plants are basicly aquarium plants that stay low. Combine different types of aquarium plants that provide contrast with each other in color, leave shape and height. This way a playful and interesting under water landscape can be created.

  • Midground plants

    Aquarium plants for the mid-ground reach above the foreground plants and can be placed in front of the background plants. The midground can be covered with medium height plants or plant groups or solitairy plants on the Golden Ratio. Combine different types of plants with a contrast in leave shape, leave color and texture for maximum results.

  • Background plants

    Plants for the background will grow tall and serve as a mask for the background. Also with the background plants in the aquarium it is important to choose for contrasting plants with their neighbours. Look for contrast in leave color, shape, texture and height.

  • In Vitro plants

    In Vitro aquarium plants are grown in a laboratory under steriel conditions. Tiny pieces of tissue plant material is placed on special gel to grow new healthy, algae free, pesticide free, snail free and germ free plants in a cup. One cup is richly filled with lots of young shoots, full of growth potention!

  • Ferns and mosses
    Moss in the aquarium has a very decorative value. Growing moss on wood makes it easy to create a natural atmosphere. Ferns also grow well when secured on wood. Various types of ferns and mosses are available for the aquarium that can grow well under water.
  • Plants on wood/rocks

    Plants on wood or stones are an asset to any aquarium. The plants have their roots attached to the wood or stone. No hassle with gluing or binding yourself, but a ready-made solution.

  • Mother plants

    Mother plants are plants in SL pots and are extra large, robust aquarium plants. They fill up the aquarium instantly with luxuriance. Perfectly suited for larger aquarium for creating an astonishing impression!

  • Plant Package

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