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Water quality

Correct water quality is of great importance for the well-being of the animals and plants in the aquarium. Stress is also often the number one cause of death in fish and shrimp. Maintaining a healthy living environment can be done by testing the values of the aquarium water. With the right resources, conditions can be optimized so that all inhabitants feel at home in the aquarium.

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  • HS Aqua Testset 1 pH/NH4/NO2
    The water quality in your aquarium is subject to fluctuations. In order to be able to guarantee the optimum living conditions for your fish at all times, we recommend checking the quality of the water every week.
  • HS Aqua Testset 3 pH/GH/KH
    The water quality in your aquarium is subject to fluctuations. In order to be able to guarantee the optimum living conditions for your fish at all times, we recommend checking the quality of the water every week.
  • TDS / conductivity meter
    TDS is the measure of the amount of dissolved solids in the water. Use this TDS meter to get an insight into the quality of the water, and to determine whether or not there is a change in the water that needs to be done. The meter will also measure the temperature.

    Weergaveresultaat in PPM
  • Test strips 6 in 1
  • pH test
    The pH value is one of the most important values of aquarium and pond water. Biological processes in the water can change the pH value over time. Since all aquarium and pond inhabitants react very sensitively to changes in the pH value, regular monitoring is necessary.

    approx. 140 tests
  • NH3/NH4 test
  • PO4 test
    Phosphate is an end product from the breakdown of organic substances such as food residues, fish faeces, etc. In high concentrations, this can cause the growth of algae. Phosphate is also an important nutrient source for aquarium plants. Use this phosphate test regularly to gain insight into the processes in the aquarium.

    Contents: (approx. 40 tests)
  • Seachem Stability
    Seachem Stability will quickly develop the biofilter in the aquarium, both in freshwater and seawater. Stability has a special formula for the aquarium that consists of a synergistic mix of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria. Organic pollution, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are broken down by this mix.

    Available in: 100, 250 and 500 ml
  • Seachem Prime
    Available in: 100, 250 and 500 ml
  • ADA Green Bacter Plus

    Green Bacter is an additive, made from organic acid and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. It activates the bacteria and is particularly suitable in the start-up phase, but also has a positive effect after the regular water changes of the aquarium water.

    Contents: 50, or 500 ml

  • ADA Green Gain Plus

    Green Gain Plus contains a carefully balanced blend of active ingredients that aid in strong, healthy growth of aquarium plants. It stimulates the growth of aquarium plants after pruning. New shoots are formed more easily and more leaves grow from the aquarium plants. It reduces stress and increases resistance to plant diseases.

    Content: 50 or 500 ml

  • ADA ECA Plus

    ADA ECA plus is a supplement that consists of vegetable, organic acid with easily absorbable iron. Organic acids ensure an improved absorption of iron and magnesium, which significantly improves green and red colors of aquarium plants.

    Content: 50 or 500ml

  • ADA Phyton Git Plus

    Phyton Git Plus is a formula whose ingredients are extracted from plants. The active ingredient Phytoncide is secreted by plants to protect themselves against diseases and fungi. ADA Phyton Git Plus contains disinfecting ingredients and helps aquarium plants to maintain their natural resistance.

    Content: 50 or 500 ml

  • ADA Phyton Git SOL

    PHYTON GIT SOL is a plant additive designed on the basis of ADA Phyton Git Plus, which is mainly composed of plant extracts containing antiseptic components. With improved viscosity, the advanced formula further improves algae control. PHYTON GIT SOL effectively suppresses the growth of blue-green algae.

    Content: 100 or 500 ml

  • ADA Chlor-Off

    Chlorine in the aquarium can affect the slime layer of the fish and kill beneficial bacteria. ADA Chlor- Off neutralizes the free chlorine in tap water . Changing the aquarium water with tap water is now possible without any risk.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml

  • ADA Vitamix

    Vitamix is a supplement with several vitamins to keep the fish in good health . It relieves stress in fish when released into the aquarium .

    Content: 200 or 50000 ml

  • ADA Soft Water

    Soft Water makes the water slightly acidic. Most aquarium plants and tropical fish prefer slightly acidic water (pH<7.0). Soft Water lowers the pH and carbonate hardness (KH) and transforms the aquarium water to slightly acidic.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml

  • ADA Clear Water

    Clear Water prevents clouding of the water and algae outbreaks. Clear Water is an additive that removes discolored and cloudy water. In addition, it also has an effect on lowering the phosphate in the aquarium water.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml