An aquarium requires technical equipment for succesfull keeping of fish and aqautic plants. A perfect aquarium for maximum viewing pleasure, aquarium lighting for optimal plant growth and natural look of colors. Current and filtration for a healthy water quality, CO2 fertilization for plant growth etc. Our opinion: Every minute you spend on viewing the aquarium makes it worth to choose for only the best products!


  • aquarium

    Enjoying an aquascape demands the right type aquarium. Everything that distracts you from daydreaming in your layout of a Nature Aquarium is annoying. It is all about the content within the aquarium from where we can let our imagination take over. Aquascaping, create with nature, inspired by nature.

  • Aeration

    An air pump adds oxygen to the aquarium. Adding oxygen to the aquarium can be a solution for tanks with little plants and lots of fish. An air pump with spongefilter is also ideal for shrimp tanks. Also adding oxygen during the night in a planted aquarium can have a positive effect on the ecosystem.

  • CO2 products
    Adding CO2 to the aquarium will help to better grow aquariumplants. Next to light, plants need sufficient levels of CO2 for photosyntheses. We offer a wide range of CO2 products for adding CO2 to your aquarium. It will help lower the pH levels of the water and is practicly indispensable in a densely planted aquarium.
  • Dosing pump

    Daily adding of the right type of plant fertilizers can be a difficult job. With a dosingpump it is very easy to add the right amounts of liquid fertilizers to the aquarium. For example very ideal for adding nutrients based on the Estimative Index, automaticly or when you are unable to add regular doses yourself.

  • Filtering

    In an aquarium a good filtration is essential. Aquarium fish feel more comfortable in clear and clean water. Also in clear water the light penatrates deeper to the bottom. Harmful substances are transformed by bacteria to un-harmful substances. Above all a good water circulation spreads CO2 and nutrients through the aquarium and improves the water quality.

  • Cabinets

    These aquarium cabinets are true winners in every interior with their neutral design. The aquarium cabinets have an elegant design and will be the perfect base to place your aquarium on top. An ADA style cabinet for your aquarium is available in glossy white or grey. The minimalistic design amplifies the beaken of piece that your Nature Aquarium gives.

  • Aquarium pump
    An aquarium pump is ideal for use in a sump or biologist. Some aquarium pumps can be used universally and can be used in dry installation or underwater. For example in an internal filter chamber or in front of a waterfall.
  • Osmosis device

    The right composition of aquarium water is important for the health of fish or shrimps and plant growth. With the use of an Osmosis device it is possible to transform tap water with high hardness to mix it to the ideal water parameters. By mixing the Osmosis water with tap water and/or additional salts, an ideal water composition can be made.

  • Stream pump
    Aquarium Strean pumps make it possible to create more flow. In a marine aquarium, a stream pump or wavemaker is important to make the corals happy. For an aquascape, a flow pump can be useful to avoid "dead spots". Especially in a larger aquarium, a better water circulation can be achieved.
  • Twinstar

    TWINSTAR effectively inhibits the growth of algae, without being harmful to the ecological environment in the aquarium. It keeps the aquarium clean by eliminating spores of algae and deceases. The micro-bubbles destroy de outer cells of algae and is unharmful for aerobic bacteria. Also aquatic plants stay free of algae growth and are better capable to absorb nutrients, giving algae less change!

  • UV sterilisation

    UV light is Ultra Violet radiation and has the potency to start chemical reactions. The UV-C light with short wavelength has a very agressive outcome and makes organical micro-polutions unharmful. A UV light purifies the aquarium water from algae, fish decease and other organic pollutions!

  • Lighting

    Aquarium plants need light for a healthy, optimal growth. A bright lighting above the aquarium improves the joy of viewing the freshness of an aquarium. The light as well as the design of the light unit play an important role for the total impression of the aquascape in your interior.

  • Heaters

    Most aquatic plants and fish originate from tropical areas. To make sure the plants and fish feel at home it is important to provide the right temperature to the aquarium. You can use different types of heaters, just see what suits your preferences at best.

  • Automatic feeder

    Automatic feeder for your aquarium fish? Select an excellent automatic feeder that provides the right amount of food to your fish. Very handy for when regular feeding is not always possible. For exemple when you are on vacation or if you work in night shifts. With an automatic feeder a feeding moment is never missed!

  • Wabi-kusa

    Wabi-kusa describes the cultivation of aquatic plants in emersed shape. Small scaled, almost floral art. An enjoyable way to experience the beauty of aquarium plants that grow above water. With some creativity and care it is possible to build inspiring creations that leave a mindblowing impression.

Active filters

  • Strideways Sado 30P

    Extra clear glass has been used for this Sado aquarium. The transparent silicone glue is neatly applied, giving this aquarium a sleek appearance. The format is according to the standard, pleasant proportions.

    Size: 30x18x24 cm
    Glass thickness: 5mm

  • Oase StyleLine 85 set
    Color: Black white
    StyleLine is the compact series of aquariums from Oase. This aquarium set comes complete with furniture, filter and lighting. With an optimal price-quality ratio, the set is ideal for beginners.

    Dimensions including furniture: 50x36x145cm
    Available in black or white
  • ILA Aquarium (20x20x25cm)

    This glass aquarium with super bright OptiWhite glass, it meets all of the requirements of the aquascaper who have the best wishes of his tank. Its a very nice finishing touch and ensures that all of the attention is paid to the content and structure of the tank, and that you are not distracted by the disruptive, however, and due programs.

    Size: 13x18x24cm /5

  • Oase HeatUp
    Type: 25 Watt 50 Watt 75 Watt 100 Watt 150 Watt 200 Watt 250 Watt 300 Watt 400 Watt
    With the control knob at the top of this aquariumthermosstaat you can select the temperature to be accurately set. As soon as the heater is turned on, and the patent bimetaaltechniek, the pilot light is burning.

    Available in: 25, 50, 75,100, 150, 200, 250 with 300 Watts
  • ADA Cube Garden 20-C (20x20x20)

    The connectivity of the glass with a special technique made it and it has been made from a high quality silicone sealant. As a result, a frame is unnecessary, and can have the full attention of the viewer to the layout and you don't get distracted by any disturbing however, or due's.

    Cube Garden is a 20, and-C (20x20x20cm /5)

  • TEC 1 NG 1-kanaal doseerpomp

  • EHEIM Vivaline 126 LED+
    Color: white Oak Grey anthracite

    EHEIM Vivaline 126 set is complete with an aquarium, furniture, LED lighting, filter, heating and biological filter media. Only the furnishings, plants and fish are still missing.

    Available in white, gray oak or anthracite

  • Azaqua CO2 Diffuser cup HQ
    Diameter: 15mm 20mm 30mm 40 50mm
    from €21.90

    With this CO2 diffuser, we have finally succeeded in delivering impressive quality at an affordable price. Fine bubbles are produced and evenly distributed across the membrane.

    Select the desired type for the size of your aquarium.

  • Seachem Purigen
    Content: 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml

    Seachem Purigen is a premium filter media with the highest organic removal rates for crystal clear aquarium water. High values of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate can algproblemen care in the aquarium, but remain under control thanks to this unique filter material.

    Available in 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L

  • ADA Solar RGB

    ADA Solar RGB is the latest, sensational LED aquarium lighting ADA. This LED lamp not only ensures a healthy growth of aquarium plants, but will also provide a spectacular backdrop.

    Optional: including Shade for Solar RGB (reflectors)

  • EHEIM reeflexUV 350

    EHEIM reeflexUV 350 is a UV-lamp for the aquarium with a new type of reflector technology and reduces algae and micro-organisms in the water.

    Ideal for an aquarium of 80 to 350 L

  • Daytime Matrix profiel
    Type: matrix 30 matrix 40 matrix 50 matrix 60 matrix 70 matrix 80 matrix 90 matrix 100 matrix 110 matrix 120 matrix 130 matrix 140 matrix 150 Matrix 160 Matrix 170

    The new Daytime Array LED aquarium lighting offers even more possibilities to the lighting to your needs.

    Select the desired length.
    (The required matrix modules can be ordered separately)

  • EHEIM Air Pump 100

    EHEIM Air Pump 100 is one of the quietest pumps in its class and that is exactly what every aquariumliefhebber of his air pump requires. This air pump has a single output and is adjustable up to 100 Litres per hour. An EHEIM diffusor is included.

  • Compose Daytime Matrix for Juwel Rio 125

    With this set, the necessary Daytime accessories can be selected quickly and easily. This makes it easy and clear to convert the aquarium to beautiful LED lighting of exceptional quality!

    Select the desired modules and any controls.


    TWINSTAR M3 helps to combat algae in the aquarium. With the computer-controlled unit and electrode are the spores of different species of algae are destroyed. The microbubels destroy the cell wall, and hence the growth of, among other green algae, as thread algae, brown algae, blue algae, pluisalg and green puntalg.

    After authenticating for aquariums 20-50 Gallons

  • EHEIM classic 150 (2211)

    The EHEIM classic 150 external filter, e.g. is made of high-quality materials, which meets the highest quality requirements. All components are carefully matched for maximum performance. In addition, you will benefit from the well-known EHEIM quiet operation and low energy consumption. Robust, reliable and made to last service!

    For aquariums from 50 to 150 Litres

  • Azaqua CO2 bubble counter REGULAR

    This Azaqua CO2 bubble counter REGULAR is made of high quality glass and has an effective design. The CO2 bubbles pass through the water tank and are easy to count. Your CO2 system is extremely precise.

  • Azaqua Lily Pipe SET
    type: S (13mm) M-50 (13mm) L (17mm)

    The Azaqua Lily Pipe SET is made from high-quality glass. Because of this, there will be no compromise on the aesthetic impression of the aquarium. Also, the glass is thick to run. Great for beginners!

    Available in 3 sizes:

  • Azaqua CO2 Checker M

    Handy CO2 checker for every type of aquarium from small to large. For confirmation against the window pane, you can click on every desired place to be hung. As at several places in the aquarium, the CO2 content to be measured.

  • Dennerle Osmosis Compact 130

    With a Osmoseapparaat can be tap water with high hardness easy to the ideal composition. By this osmosis water with tap water to mix is it possible to, in a responsible way, the aquarium water is soft and acid.

    Complete, including mounting

  • Compile a CO2 system

    Put together a complete CO2 set with all the necessities to add CO2 to the aquarium without worry. CO2 is the most important food source for aquarium plants. A good CO2 system is therefore a worthwhile investment for your aquarium.

  • Transparent Filter hose 9/12mm
    Type: Per meter Roll 3 meter

    Transparent filter hose to connect the external filter. The hose is "food safe" and therefore does not release any harmful substances into the water.

    Dimension: 9/12mm
    Per meter or per roll of 3 meters

  • Aquarium Cabinet (45x27x80cm)
    Color: agate grey white-glossy

    This is a tight aquariummeubel, with its neutral appearance, is a welcome addition in any living space. The aquarium cabinet has a stylish design and is the perfect unit for your aquascape. A ADA style cabinet for your Nature aquarium in a white, high-gloss or agaatgrijs.

    Size: 45x27x80cm

    Available in the following shades:
    - agaatgrijs
    - white high gloss

  • Azaqua CO2 bubble counter...
    • New
    Azaqua CO2 bubble counter REGULAR HQ

    This Azaqua CO2 bubble counter REGULAR is made of high-quality glass and has an effective design. The CO2 bubbles pass through the water reservoir and are easy to count. This allows your CO2 system to be adjusted extremely precisely!