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An aquarium requires technical equipment for succesfull keeping of fish and aqautic plants. A perfect aquarium for maximum viewing pleasure, aquarium lighting for optimal plant growth and natural look of colors. Current and filtration for a healthy water quality, CO2 fertilization for plant growth etc. Our opinion: Every minute you spend on viewing the aquarium makes it worth to choose for only the best products!

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  • Aquarium and Optic White - glass aquarium
    • -15%

    Aquarium OptiWhite (30x18x24)

    €63.67 -15% €74.90

    This glass aquarium with super bright OptiWhite glass, it meets all of the requirements of the aquascaper who have the best wishes of his tank. Its a very nice finishing touch and ensures that all of the attention is paid to the content and structure of the tank, and that you are not distracted by the disruptive, however, and due programs.

    Size: 13x18x24cm /5

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  • Strideways Sado 36P


    Extra clear glass has been used for this Sado aquarium. The transparent silicone glue is neatly applied, giving this aquarium a sleek appearance. The format is according to the standard, pleasant proportions.

    Dimensions: 36x22x26 cm
    Glass thickness: 5mm

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  • Daytime onex

    Onex® LED lighting has been specially developed for a closed aquarium. Exceptionally high light quality with an unprecedented compact design are characteristic of this series. Onex is watertight cast with crystal clear coating.

    NOTE: excluding power supply
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  • , ADA Aquasky RGB 60 silver

    The primary colors of light (Red, Green, and Blue light are the wavelengths of light up to be optimized for the aquarium plants. A range that allows for healthy development of aquarium plants with high color rendering. The colors in an aquascape were not so lively.
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  • The CO2 disposal system to build


    A Complete CO2 set to build all the necessities for stress-free, CO2 is added to the tank. CO2 is the most important source of nutrition for aquarium plants. A good CO2 system is a worthwhile investment for your aquarium.

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  • High line 175

    The high line 175 is an incredibly stylish bowl. What is immediately apparent is the high quality of finish. Oasis is here-smart choices were made: no's ridges, no crevices, no joints, no handles or on the screws. A luxurious aquarium, as this is what we like to see in the Azaqua.

    Available in three different finishes (high-gloss white, graphite, or oak)
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  • Dosing pump 4-channel


    With the help of this dispensing tools for application, it is trivially easy to get the right amount of liquid plant food. The automatic dosing pump is ideal for solutions with trace elements, Potassium, Phosphate, Nitrate, Estimative Index mix or other liquids, separately from each other to dispense. Many possibilities, easy to use.

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  • Twinstar C-line II


    Twinstar Light C-line is qualitative LED lighting for a competitive price. Previously with the normal C-line with white LEDs, but now (from November 2019) with the RGB LEDs.

    600C older model

    CC = with fixed acrylic holders
    CA = is with adjustable feet

    Select the desired type

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  • biOrb Air, a 60


    The biOrob AIR in the 60's the modern-terrarium-vivarium. An innovative and fully automated, for the love of orchids, poisonous frogs, moss, or flesh-eating plants. BiOrb AIR, creates the ideal conditions in a straightforward manner to an enclosure in order to keep track of. BiOrb AIR is a real eye-catcher, which is a magic view into a different world.

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  • Schego Thermostat TRD2


    When it is desired to maintain a set temperature in the aquarium, a Schego Thermostat is the solution. This allows a heating element up to 2000 Watt to be switched. Due to its simple operation, this device is suitable for both the hobby aquarist and professional.

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  • CO2 Diffusor for mini-cup (HQ)


    As a solution to adding CO2 to a tank is this small, the CO2 will discharge very very expensive. The fine bubbles will be produced and distributed evenly on the membrane.

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  • Seachem Matrix


    Seachem Matrix is a biological filter media with high porosity for the removal of nitrogenous waste. The Matrix is a porous, mineral, and hard pellets of 10 mm in diameter, with a very good filter.

    Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

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  • EHEIM Vivaline 150 LED+


    EHEIM Vivaline 150 set is complete with an aquarium, furniture, LED lighting, filter, heating and biological filter media. Only the furnishings, plants and fish are still missing.

    Available in white, gray oak or anthracite

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  • EHEIM reeflexUV 500


    EHEIM reeflexUV 500 is a UV-lamp for the aquarium with a new type of reflector technology and reduces algae and micro-organisms in the water.

    Ideal for an aquarium of 300 to 500 L

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  • EHEIM Air Pump 200


    EHEIM Air Pump 200 is one of the quietest pumps in its class and that is exactly what every aquariumliefhebber of his air pump requires. This air pump has a dual output which are set to 100 Litres per hour. Two EHEIM diffusors are included.

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  • Daytime eco 30


    Daytime eco LED aquarium lighting is from excellent quality! Low energy costs, prefect colour rendering and very long life span. High grade LED light for freshwater or marine aquariums that is can be placed on multiple ways above the aquarium.

    Select the desired options:
    NOTE: Select the 36 Watt 12V converter with the 3rd LED row

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  • Dennerle Osmosis Professional 190


    With a Osmoseapparaat can be tap water with high hardness easy to the ideal composition. By this osmosis water with tap water to mix is it possible to, in a responsible way, the aquarium water is soft and acid.

    Complete, including mounting

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  • EHEIM classic 250 (2213) external filter, e.g.
    • -10%

    EHEIM classic 250 (2213)

    €68.36 -10% €75.95

    The EHEIM classic 250 external filter, e.g. is made of high-quality materials, which meets the highest quality requirements. All components are carefully matched for maximum performance. In addition, you will benefit from the well-known EHEIM quiet operation and low energy consumption. Robust, reliable and made to last service!

    For aquariums of 80-250 Litres

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  • Lily Pipe SET Mini


    The Lily Pipe SET, Mini, made of high quality glass. Because of this, there will be no compromise on the aesthetic impression of the aquarium. Also, the glass is thick to run. Great for beginners!

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  • CO2 bubble counter SPIRAL


    This Azaqua bubble counter SPIRAL is made of high quality glass and looks extremely stylish. The CO2 bubbles run through the coil, allowing the number of bubbles of CO2 are very simple to count. Simple and stylish, CO2 dosing to the aquarium!

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  • CO2 Checker Edge


    An exceptionally stylish solution! The CO2 checker Edge over the edge of the aquarium to be hung. The color of the CO2 indicator liquid at any time of the day, the CO2 content of the aquarium.

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  • Cube Garden 30-C (30x30x30)


    The connections of the glass are made with special production technique with the use of high quality silicone. This makes a frame not needed and all attention of the viewer can go to the layout, without being distracted by annoying glue residue or reinforcement beams.

    Cube Garden 30-C (30x30x30cm /5mm)

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  • Conversion of filter tube 9/12mm


    Transparent conversion of filter tube to the external filter to connect. The hose is "food safe" and so no harmful substances into the water.

    Size: 9/12mm

    Price is per meter.


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  • Aquarium furniture (60x30x80cm)


    This is a tight aquariummeubel, with its neutral appearance, is a welcome addition in any living space. The aquarium cabinet has a stylish design and is the perfect unit for your aquascape. A ADA style cabinet for your Nature aquarium in a white, high-gloss or agaatgrijs.

    Size: 60x30x80cm

    Available in the following shades:
    - agaatgrijs
    - white high gloss

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