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Have a CO2 bottle filled (exchange system) 500 grams
Have a CO2 bottle filled (exchange system) 500 grams

Fill/exchange CO2 bottle

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Have your empty CO2 bottle filled? That is possible with our CO2 bottle exchange system! Filling of 500 grams, 2, 6 or 10 kg

Want to exchange a CO2 bottle with a full bottle from our exchange system? Do not forget to provide the serial number.

We receive a lot of bottles. Always provide your package with a note with your details.

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Open-end wrench for CO2 pressure regulator

The CO2 Bottle on foot

The CO2 Bottle on foot

Dennerle CO2 Bottle foot for 500gr bottle

Dennerle CO2 Bottle foot for 500gr bottle


Fill/exchange CO2 bottle

CO2 bottle empty? Easily exchange these with CO2 bottles from our exchange system! Read below how it works:

Option 1: exchange CO2 bottle > fastest way

CO2 bottle empty? Send the empty Azaqua CO2 bottle to Azaqua or bring it along. You will receive a full Azaqua CO2 bottle back from our exchange system and only pay for the filling. The CO2 bottles that you receive back from the exchange system are therefore used, comparable, as good as new bottles. As soon as the CO2 bottle has been received by Azaqua, a full bottle is immediately shipped. This can be accelerated when we receive a copy of the shipping receipt + bottle number by email.

- Close bottle before disconnecting
- Always return with carrying handle
- Add a note with sender to the bottle


We receive many bottles.
Pack a bottle carefully and always provide your package with a note with your details. The shipping costs for sending are for your own account and risk.

Keep your own bottle?
Provide the bottle with your name, telephone number and address details. Inform us by email that this concerns your own bottle.

Additional information: The CO2 bottles are completely your property and have no deposit or anything like that. CO2 bottles in Azaqua's exchange system are provided with serial numbers and are checked for cleanliness and damage. We want everyone to receive a good as new bottle back. So please be careful with these bottles. Please provide the serial number with your order.
Tip: combine this product with ordering periodic plant food or other products from the webshop to save shipping costs.

Option 2: Have your own CO2 bottle filled

That too is possible. We can return your own bottle filled. This may take 1-2 weeks. You then order the with Type: Fill your own bottle.

Note: Bottles with a lot of rust, damage or where the inspection date has expired cannot be refilled. Preferably send a photo of the bottle you want filled. Also check whether the opening is suitable. We cannot fill a bottle like the one in this photo with a residual pressure valve.

CO2 bottle with and without residual pressure valve

Another tip: The advice is to use an extra bottle, so that you always have 1 in use while the other is filled in the meantime.

Extra information

CAUTION: Store in an area with good ventilation, do not inhale gas, suffocate in high concentration, contain gas under pressure, use only in an upright position, always secure bottle, can explode when heated, always close empty bottle.

The CO2 bottle has an external thread M21.8 x 1/4 according to European DIN 477. This means that these bottles are suitable for all European pressure regulators in combination with external thread.

CO2 suitable for consumer use.

Tip from Azaqua:

Do you not like the gray color of the CO2 bottle? Roll a piece of wallpaper or heavy paper around it. Wallpaper is available in many designs. Or try a stocking or pantyhose.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What does "hand in with residual pressure" mean?
Always close an empty bottle before unscrewing the pressure regulator. This prevents other gases from entering the bottle from the atmosphere. These could corrode the inside of the bottle or cause contamination in the purity.

My bottle is outside the inspection date, can it be refilled?
No that is not possible. This date is not for nothing. For our and your own safety, we advise you to buy a new bottle.

Is the replacement CO2 bottle in the exchange system of exactly the same size as my sent bottle?
No, not always. We work with several suppliers of bottles and they are not always the same. There may be a slight difference in the height of the bottles. The content is of course always the same. Bottles are always of good quality.

Is CO2 dangerous?
Not in principle, but it is not without risk. CO2 is heavier than air. A leaking 2kg CO2 bottle in a small space can suffocate crawling children. High CO2 concentrations in closed spaces are dangerous and have a suffocating effect. Always check your system for leaks and make sure that the bottle cannot fall over.

Data sheet

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CO2 bottle

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CO2 fles laten vullen formulier

formulier (PDF)

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