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Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)

Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)

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Neritina waigiensis or as it is called today: Vittina waigiensis is a very popular snail for the aquarium. In nature, it occurs along the coasts of the Philippines. It grows to about 2-3 cm.
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Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)

Neritina waigiensis or as it is called today: Vittina waigiensis is a very popular snail for the aquarium. In nature, it occurs along the coasts of the Philippines. It grows to about 2-3 cm.

In nature, this snail can be found in freshwater, brackish water and seawater. Think of mangroves, riverbeds and wetlands. Mainly in the shady areas they crawl over hard surfaces. Sometimes that is also above the water level.

Neritina waigiensis does not reproduce in freshwater. They will therefore never form a pest in the aquarium. They do lay white eggs. Often on wood. In nature they do this too, in the hope that it will be carried along to brackish water. The larvae can hatch there and then migrate back to the fresh water. The snails that are commercially available are therefore all wild-caught. It is common for their houses to be slightly damaged or show signs of breakage (as shown in the main image). Fortunately, they are able to repair the cottage to a reasonable extent.

On the menu are mainly algae. That is a positive characteristic for almost all aquarium enthusiasts. Due to the presence of these snails, an aquarium is therefore better left free of algae. Other dead remains are also cleaned up. Plants will leave them alone. We would like to recommend feeding the snails with pallets or granules with spirulina algae. Other greens and cooked vegetables can provide the necessary variety.

Because of their appearance, this is perhaps the most beautiful snail species for the aquarium. The base is mostly red with yellow edges, decorated with a striped pattern in black. There are many variations with zigzag patterns.

In the aquarium they often seek shady places. No place is skipped and they will also regularly show up on the windows. They do best in a group with several animals. A healthy Neritina waigiensis has a flat foot. This one is not very big. If the snail is upside down, it takes a lot of effort to turn around again. A little help wouldn't hurt. Obviously it cannot be kept together with snail-eating fish or Anatome helena snails.

Neritina waigiensis properties

Scientific name: Neritina waigiensis/Vittina waigiensis
Dutch name: red snail
Origin: South East Asia
Length: 2 - 3cm
Temperature: 20-30 °C
pH: 7-8.5
GH: 10 - 20 °dH
kh: > 3 °dH
Conductivity: 350-950 µS
Grow: brackish water
Aquarium Content: > 50L (approx. 1 snail per 20 L)

Data sheet

pH tolerance:
Total hardness:
By on  04 June 2022 (Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)) :


Ziet er goed uit en is gelijk heel beweeglijk in t aquarium. Ook de kleur is prima

By on  23 Nov. 2021 (Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)) :

Mooi, maar niet zoals op foto

Ik had in totaal 6 slakken besteld, 3 Neritina Pulligera en 3 Neritina Waigiensis. Het eerste wat opvalt als de slakken worden geleverd is de verpakking.
Ze waren in aparte, ruime containers verpakt, die wederom in een, voor de inhoud, erg grote doos met veel beschermingsmateriaal zaten. De verpakking van de dieren is zeer professioneel en als je geen heel erg onbenullige bezorger hebt, zou er weinig mis kunnen gaan. Er zat ook een heat-pack in om de dieren warm te houden.
Van de 3 Neritina Waigiensis hebben 2 de reis overleefd. Kan altijd gebeuren dat dieren tijdens transport overlijden. Het is immers erg stressvol voor de dieren. Normaal koop ik dieren ook liever daar waar ik ze gelijk mee kan nemen. Maar in de buurt kan ik deze slakkensoort niet kopen.
Ik geef de slakken 3 sterren omdat ze er niet zo uitzien als op de foto's. De kleuren zijn meer beige, bruin en zwart en de patronen hebben mijn slakken ook niet. Ze lijken eigenlijk erg veel op de Neritina Turrita. Alsnog erg mooie slakken, maar dus niet zoals op de foto's.

By on  01 Aug. 2021 (Neritina waigiensis (Red snail)) :

Unieke slakken

Prachtige kleuren, actief, unieke toevoeging aan je aquarium.

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