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SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic + 65gr

SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic +

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SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic + is a mix of valuable trace elements and humus and fulvic acids with a large number of positive effects for the aquarium and its inhabitants.

Content: 65 or 130 grams

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SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic +

SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic + is a mix of valuable trace elements and humus and fulvic acids with a large number of positive effects for the aquarium and its inhabitants.

- rich in important trace elements
- protects the aquarium from dangerous pH drop
- reduces the risk of algae
- strengthens the immune system of aquarium inhabitants
- bind with ammonium and reduce the risk of ammonia formation
- high capacity of cation exchange and binds heavy metals
- acts as a natural chelator
- promotes growth and breeding results of, among other things, bee shrimp
- works as an alternative to carbonate buffers and is thus irreplaceable in soft water
- antibacterial, reduces bacterial (from Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp.) pressure on internal organs
- fungicide for the prevention of fungal infections, even at low concentrations
- positive supportive effect of inflammatory gill disorders
- reduces external hormonal influences and the stress they cause
- has a positive effect on necrosis on fin margins and gills
plants are supplied with a suitable carbon source by metabolism of the components
- makes the water crystal clear

The effect of humic acids
The many positive effects of humic acids are mainly caused by polyphenols, quinons and stable radicals. It improves immunity and stress resistance. Humins are known to activate white blood cells and thereby boost the immune system, leading to improved cellular immune response mechanisms.

The influence of humic acids has been proven to extend the life expectancy of killi fish (Notobranchius furzeri) by about 15%. A gene expression analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans (a nemathode) showed that the genes that control life expectancy are activated. In particular, several beneficial stress proteins (HSP) have been demonstrated, which are known for their beneficial effect on longevity and overall resistance.

An experiment with humic acids and sword carriers (Xiphophorus helleri) resulted in multiple stress resistance. In a zebrafish (Danio rerio) there was a tendency for a more positive development of eggs, even in water with only a low humic acid concentration.

Blackwater fish cannot survive in mineral-deficient water without humic acids. On the other hand, in water rich in humic acids, the pH does not play a significant role. However, the full range of effects that humic acids have has not yet been fully investigated. We can say with certainty that humine surfaces make adherent and neutralize the cohesion of water. When humine reaches the gill epithels of fish or shrimp, they improve osmosis regulation and at the same time reduce the amount of energy required for this. Less energy-intensive osmosis regulation means that more energy remains for growth and development. Fish are also passively immunized from the outside, because their cell membranes are protected by secreted proteins and which offer indirect resistance to pathogens.

Content: 65 or 130 grams

Dosing advice SaltyShrimp Black Water SE / Fulvic +

Depending on the population in the aquarium, dose approximately 1 gram per 50 liters of water per week.
Measuring spoon markings: 1ml = 0.5 gram / 2ml = 1 gram
Measuring spoon is included

Usage advice:
Sprinkle the desired amount of powder over the water surface. Black Water Powder dissolves easily at any pH. Keep in mind that the water will temporarily turn a brownish color, but will be crystal clear after a while. If the brown color persists, check the filter or reduce the dosage.

Plastic jar with twist lid, available in 2 versions:

Item No.
Content sufficient for approx.
SSM-BW-65 65 grams 3250 liters of aquarium water
SSM-BW-130 100 grams 6500 Liters of aquarium water

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Water quality
Black Water SE/Fulvic+
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50 grams / 130 grams

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