Daytime backlight for EHEIM

Daytime backlight for EHEIM

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Daytime® backlight. LED back wall to create a great depth effect in the background in the aquarium. Daytime backlight EH is specially made for an EHEIM aquarium.

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Daytime Dim Module Backlight


Daytime backlight for EHEIM

Daytime® backlight. LED back wall to create a great depth effect in the background in the aquarium. Daytime backlight EH is specially made for an EHEIM aquarium. The resulting 3D effect is beautiful to look at and an absolute highlight for any aquarium.

Daytime backlight EH features

- Scope of delivery: Each daytime® backlight comes with a power supply unit and brackets suitable for the respective aquarium.
- Aluminum frame: The stable frame is made of solid, anodized aluminum. The precise cutting and assembly takes place in our own factory.
- Glass size: The size is adjusted exactly and to the millimeter to the respective glass size of the back of the aquarium.
- Brackets "invisible": Extremely easy mounting without tools thanks to the ingenious "locking or holding mechanism". No visible brackets for a clean look from the front of the aquarium.
- Gradient plates: The gradient plate is made of acrylic glass with a thickness of 2 mm. It can be disassembled without tools and replaced with optionally available plates, e.g. in opal white.
- Connection cable: The intentionally routed cable outlet allows the frame of the backlight to be flush with the bottom of the aquarium (even if the floor area is larger than the aquarium!).

Mounting daytime backlight EH

- Each "EH" backlight comes with the polycarbonate mounting clips shown. In combination with the circumferential rib of the aluminum frame, the backlight can be fixed very easily.
- The retaining clips are inserted left and right in the open gap between glass and gravel plate.
- The backlight can now be placed on the angled tabs. Even if the EHEIM aquarium is close to the wall.
- Now the backlight can be pushed down a little until the top rib of the frame slides under the hood or clicks into place. The resiliency of the retaining clips holds the backlight in place.

Daytime backlight EH is available in different sizes

Type Suitable for EHEIM Aquarium Backlight dimensions Power consumption Art.-No.
backlight EH-VI-126 Vivaline 126 798 x 384 x 22mm 31 Watt 18-0001
backlight EH-VI-150 Vivaline 150 598 x 435 x 22mm 23 Watt 18-0002
backlight EH-VI-180 Vivaline 180 998 x 384 x 22mm 38 Watt 18-0003
backlight EH-VI-240 Vivaline 240 1198 x 434 x 22mm 46 Watt 18-0004
backlight EH-PR-175 Proximity 175 698 x 428 x 22mm 27 Watt 18-0005
backlight EH-PR-250 Proximity 250 998 x 428 x 22mm 38 Watt 18-0006
backlight EH-PR-325 Proximity 325 1298 x 428 x 22mm 50 Watt 18-0007
backlight EH-IN-230 Incpiria 230 698 x 555 x 22mm 27 Watt 18-0008
backlight EH-IN-330 Incpiria 330 998 x 555 x 22mm 38 Watt 18-0009
backlight EH-IN-430 Incpiria 430 1298 x 555 x 22mm 50 Watt 18-0010
backlight EH-IN-530 Incpiria 530 1598 x 555 x 22mm 60 Watts 18-0011
backlight EH-IN-630 Incpiria 630 1998 x 555 x 22mm 77 Watts 18-0012


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