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Driftwood XL (51-60cm)
Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm) Driftwood XL (51-60cm)

Driftwood XL (51-60cm)

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The natural Driftwood decoration material is particularly beautiful wood for the aquarium. The winding shapes and fascinating texture of the tropical driftwood has a very natural look.

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Size XL (51-60cm)

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Driftwood XL (51-60cm)

This unique natural decoration material is collected from places where it washes up. It is a collection of tropical, harder wood species that have naturally ended up in the water and have been there for a longer period of time. As a result, with one exception, it has no cutting surfaces. Each piece of wood can therefore be used in many ways in the aquarium and always gives a natural look!

The natural Driftwood also has winding shapes and a whimsical texture. The wood can also grow with mosses and, for example, Java ferns. Each piece of wood is unique and can be purchased separately. By combining several pieces of wood, the aquarium can be decorated in a playful way.

Driftwood XL (51-60cm) product information

Photo is indicative. Price is per piece. The color in the photo may differ from reality.
TIP: Combine multiple pieces (of different sizes) of Driftwood for maximum effect!

NOTE: In many cases the wood sinks immediately. Before use in the aquarium, pre-soak the piece of wood to ensure that it sinks on its own. Depending on the thickness it may take several days. Because this is a natural product, it can release substances into the water that can cause it to turn yellow.

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