IAPLC Contest Book 2022
IAPLC Contest Book 2022

IAPLC Contest Book 2022

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Book with information and inspiration about aquascaping showing 2022 entries from the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2022.

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IAPLC Contest Book 2022

This will be the second International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest after a fresh start with IAPLC becoming the official name, the new symbol and logo, and the introduction of the Top 100 Medal. This year, despite the difficult global situation, we received 2,083 entries from 81 countries and territories. This year's IAPLC book contains, just like last year, the world rankings from 1st to 2,000th place. The overwhelming volume of the IAPLC book is satisfying just to look at as an aquascape catalogue, and the judges' evaluation comments are also substantial. Check out the IAPLC book to look back on this year's competition, analyze the trends and use it as a reference for creating works for next year's competition.

International Aquatic Plants Layout Competition Book 2022
Dimensions: W220 x H297 (mm)
160 pages (incl. 32 monochrome pages


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ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
220 mm
297 mm