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List of products by brand Oase

Active filters

  • Oase FiltoSmart 60

    Filtosmart 60 is a compact, external filter, e.g., for a small tank. The filter is 15 inches wide, and 16.4 inches tall. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for the smaller aquaria in an adequate way to filter it out.

  • Oase FiltoSmart 200
    Model: Default Thermo

    FiltoSmart 200 is a sleek, external filter for aquarium up to 200 Litres. Due to the compact design of the FiltoSmart series, these filters can also be used when space is limited. The filter will have a variety of rooms available on-site for mechanical and biological filtration to take place. The result is a clear, and healthy water.

    Choice of: With or without a built-in heater

  • filterkop BioMaster 250

  • Oase filter head BioMaster 350
    Replacement filter head BioMaster 350
  • Oase filter head BioMaster 600
    Replacement filter head BioMaster 600
  • Oase filter head BioMaster 850
    Replacement filter head BioMaster 850
  • Oase BioMaster Prime button

    This original Oase suction button fits the following models:

    • BioMaster (thermo) 250
    • BioMaster (thermo) 350
    • BioMaster (thermo) 600
    • BioMaster (thermo) 850
    NR. 21
  • Oase Thermofit
    Type: FiltoSmart 100 FiltoSmart 200 FiltoSmart 300
    Use this Thermofit accessory to equip a FiltoSmart filter with an Oase HeatUp heating element. (excluding heating element)

    Choice of:
    - ThermoFit FiltoSmart 100
    - ThermoFit FiltoSmart 200
    - ThermoFit FiltoSmart 300
  • Oase FiltoSmart 60 Bracket
    Use this Bracket to the FiltoSmart 60 at the edge of the tank wall.
  • Oase Aqua In-Out Set
    Simple: Fast and easy water change for better water quality
  • Oase Filtermousse set FiltoSmart
    Type: FiltoSmart 60 FiltoSmart 100 FiltoSmart 200 FiltoSmart 300
  • Oase Foam BioMaster 20ppi, blue
  • Oase Voorfiltermousse Set of BioMaster 30ppi
    Amount: set of 4 set of 6
  • Oase Voorfiltermousse Set of BioMaster 45ppi
    Amount: set of 4 set of 6
  • Oase Voorfiltermousse Set of BioMaster 60ppi
    Amount: set of 4 set of 6
  • Oase Features a Premium LED cable-mountingset
    The Set, consisting of a steel wire and an adapter for the secure fitting of the high line, Premium, LED, on the lid. Ac power Adapter directly to the included universal adapter will attach.
  • Oase Activated carbon filter BioMaster
    Amount: set of 4 set of 6
  • Oase T Transformer for A 120-W
    The essential companion to the Oase, SOURCE Aquarium Controller on the app and the IR remote Control are Set via the remote control. Simple and straight to the high line of Premium led fixtures. A Compact and fast on any device.
  • Oase, the IR Control Kit
    The use of the Oase, the IR Control is Set to the " sonic Premium led lighting set-up. Oase is a Premium led lighting, it can be equipped with 4 standard settings; the Companion, Amazon, Malawi, and the Plants in the aquarium. It was only with the remote control, the colour of the light and the light output is on.
  • Oase Features a Premium LED zwenkadapter
    Features of Premium LED zwenkadapter
  • OASE Control Aquarium Y-Adapter
    For using multiple EAC products on one output of the EAC Aquarium Controller. For example to connect 2 Oase Premium LED units to 1 transformer 120W.