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  • 2Hr Aquarist

    2Hr Aquarist

    2Hr Aquarist

    The 2Hr Aquarist is perhaps best known for its Nitrate Limitation CapstoneTM methodology that unlocks richer coloration and stronger growth of aquatic plants. It is an active opinion leader in the science of planted aquariums. It serves aspiring hobbyists through a range of high-quality products supported by an integrated success system: The 2Hr Way TM . Started with a small group of passionate tinkerers and experimenters connected via the internet across 3 continents who were dissatisfied with the options available on the market.

    "APT" short for 'Advanced Planted Tank' started as a website to share findings and connect with like-minded aquarists. It made small batches of custom blends for its own use. Requests from friends for these custom blends quickly became greater than expected. The company 2Hr Aquarist was born in 2019 and has grown into a leading production company of premium plant food.

  • ADA


    Aqua Design Amano (ADA)

    Aqua Design Amano was founded over 25 years ago by Takashi Amano. He has a special style with which his aquariums are decorated. To meet his high standards, he has developed many aquarium products himself. Aqua Design Amano products are completely original products, inspired by Amano's own unique views and ideas. With his eye for detail and experience, Amano has invented several products that are necessary for building and maintaining beautiful aquascapes. All ADA products are designed with a consistent focus on beauty and functionality, but where "pleasure to use" is also of great importance.

  • Aqua Medic

    Aqua Medic

    Aqua Medic

    More than 30 years of experience in saltwater aquariums, mainly focused on filter systems for lobsters, oysters and other marine foods and closed systems for aquatic cultures and public aquariums. Since 1992 we have developed and commercialized complete systems. As well as technology and accessories for the hobby market and large-scale installation construction. Despite the success we have achieved, we continuously strive to serve you even better.
    Developing new, innovative products makes it possible for us to get even closer to the amazing variety of water biotopes as they occur in nature, while practicing our fascinating hobby.

  • Aqua Rebell

    Aqua Rebell

    Aqua Rebel

    Aqua Rebell - the distinctive line of fertilizers for aquatic plants. The love for aquarium plants and aquascaping forced us to launch this line of fertilizers in 2008. The macronutrients nitrate and phosphate in particular were until then rejected in the hobby and therefore not generally used. The majority of aquarists considered them - although unfounded - as a trigger for algae growth. New scientific insights and practical experience prove that nitrate and phosphate are not the cause of algae growth, but that it is an imbalance of nutrients that promotes the growth of algae in an aquarium.

    All aquatic plants need plenty of essential nutrients to thrive. Our aquariums are equipped with more and more technical equipment, more light and often also a CO2 supply. As a result, the fish feces are often insufficient to fertilize the aquatic plants. Nitrate and phosphate, which were once avoided, have become scarce in many planted aquariums. This gave us the idea for our name "Aqua Rebell": we see macronutrients as a "rebellious" alternative to nitrate- and phosphate-free fertilization systems. Our products are the result of our years of experience, field tests and innovative ideas. Our main focus is to enable aquatic plant enthusiasts to successfully pursue their hobby using our products - so that they can fully enjoy their planted tanks.

  • AquaLighter



    AquaLighter is a brand of innovative products for professional and novice aquarists. Each device and product from the brand is designed to be attractive in appearance and highly functional in content.

  • Aquario



    Aquario strives to ensure that everyone can easily reproduce nature in an aquarium. We remove unnecessary solutions and design products according to the principles of nature.

  • Arka


    ARKA Biotechnologie GmbH is engaged in the sale and distribution of biological and chemical products for water treatment in the aquarium market. Our range includes the MICROBE-LIFT® brands for water treatment. We are the Office Europe cooperative for their aquarium brand MICROBE-LIFT®. MICROBE-LIFT® is the world market leader in the field of water treatment for aquariums, garden ponds and industry.
  • Azaqua


    These aquarium products have been specially selected based on our "passion for nature", "passion for technology" and "passion for quality" and have an excellent price/quality ratio. The CO2 accessories and Lily Pipes, among others, are very suitable for beginners or for anyone with a smaller budget who still wants good quality.

  • Chihiros


    Chihiros aquatic studio is a technology company specialized in the production, sale and trade of aquarium products. The company has a unique knowledge of natural aquarium products. The company's goal is to help everyone experience nature better. The charm of the aquarium, providing professional aquarium products, perfectly displaying a natural aquascape, bringing more people to the wonderful world of nature. Chihiros develops aquarium products with good specifications and great ease of use.
  • Daytime


    Day time

    Inspired by the many new lighting possibilities emerging from LED technology, our mission is to create innovative, adaptable LED lighting systems that enhance the beauty of animals and plants. Our product developers expect all our components to meet the strictest requirements and leave nothing to chance. A top priority is excellent color rendering with maximum efficiency, longevity and ease of use.

    From the start, we opted for a unique, innovative approach to the daytime® brand. That's because our idea of perfect animal and plant lighting requires the mastery of the most advanced technology and of the most important physical and biological parameters related to lighting technology. We continuously benefit from new research results, in close collaboration with leading technology partners. We also implement state-of-the-art testing methods together with an extensive laboratory and field testing with support from Vivaristik specialists. This enables us to transform groundbreaking ideas and genuine passion into fundamental solutions.

    Our entire development and production processes are kept in-house, in accordance with all applicable standards and guidelines. All stages of development and production of all daytime® products are subject to mandatory and comprehensive quality control.

    In summary: we create precious LED lighting systems with the best utility value. We use our theoretical expertise and practical experience to optimize natural lighting that is ideal for flora and fauna.

  • Dennerle



    Dennerle was founded in 1966 and has since grown into an innovative company that supplies beautiful aquarium products. Characteristic of Dennerle is an environmentally conscious approach to production and materials. In addition, Dennerle products are of good quality and have a long lifespan. The most important products for aquascaping are included in the range here in the webshop, but we can supply the complete Dennerle range if desired.

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  • DOOA



    A new lifestyle with aquatic plants. Start DOOA and fill your life with aquatic plants.

    The style opens the door. Finding more flexible ways to enjoy aquatic plants. The design blends in with water while highlighting the plants. The space offers everyday life where you feel close to water and greenery. Bright green darkens in color when exposed to light. Soft green tones embrace air bubbles underwater. Little residents tell stories as the water falls. Lush greenery and light reflected by water. Welcome to the little wonders
    from nature. DOOA gives a new sense of style with plants.

    DOOA was born when ADA explored ways to enjoy aquatic plants more freely. DOOA, an inspiring brand, helps you enjoy aquatic plants more freely. Minimal and easy and designed as a platform that allows anyone to grow plants indoors. Feel closer to nature and bring beauty into your life

  • Dr. Bassleer

    Dr. Bassleer

    Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food

    Dr. Gerald Bassleer has over 38 years of experience in the ornamental fish industry as a biologist, fish pathobiologist, owner, director, CEO, wholesaler, importer/exporter of ornamental fish, fish health manager, aquarium staff trainer, rapid application of microscopic examination and diagnostic instruments, consultant for different companies in different countries, author, speaker, developer of Dr. Bassleers Biofish Food with Nutrikamenten, ex-President of OFI (Ornamental Fish International, 2006-2016). Published app. Fish Diseases iOS and Android.

    He currently spends a lot of time traveling around the world as “The Flying Fish Doctor” and providing services to the industry to improve the welfare and health of ornamental fish.

    Dr.'s fish food Bassleer has been developed with animal welfare in mind. It is not without reason that this food has been well regarded for years. Users are very enthusiastic because fish in the aquarium respond enthusiastically to the food. They show this in more beautiful colors and better health. We can recommend it to everyone.



    EHEIM is the old trusted brand that has been making aquarium products since 1960. The first filter made in 1963 was a resounding success and changed the aquarium world. Since then, EHEIM has been the brand when it comes to filter technology for the aquarium, but the other aquarium accessories are also of excellent quality. We can supply the complete EHEIM range, as well as spare parts.

  • HS Aqua

    HS Aqua

    HS Aqua offers a wide range of aquarium products and pond products. HS Aqua products are carefully checked, improved and developed in its own laboratory. The strictest quality requirements are met. At Azaqua we offer a selection of the range, but can of course order everything for you.
  • Kessil


    Kessil designs and produces advanced LED lighting products for the horticultural, aquarium and algae industries. Kessil leads The Spectral Revolution.
  • MasterLine



    MasterLine was founded in 2016 "out of passion for aquatics", which has become the brand's slogan. The first experiments and tests on the correct development of the plants date back to 2006 when Marian Sterian, the founder, fell in love with the aquarium plants. The feeling grew stronger and stronger as he learned new things. Since then, we have been committed to providing the best possible products and customer service to our customers. With our products, we are proud to have helped thousands of aquarists achieve their goals and we look forward to helping many more in the future.

    Our mission is to provide high-quality fertilizers and other products that help aquarium plants and aquatic life thrive. At the same time, we engage in a variety of activities designed to improve the overall experience of aquarists around the world.
    We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of an aquarium without spending hours on it every week.

  • Microbe-Lift


    MICROBE-LIFT products clean the environment, removing pollutants in a completely natural way by breaking them down to their basic elements and returning them to the biosphere. Because MICROBE-LIFT products are also biodegradable and non-toxic, they are safe to use around people, pets and wildlife. They are truly some of the most environmentally friendly products available.
  • Oase


    At OASE we have always had a passion for water, water environments and water design. Meeting the highest standards of technical precision – since 1949. We are technicians by profession and creatives by passion, both in the field of creating fascinating water scenes in gardens and aquariums and in the field of professional fountain and water technology. From idea to implementation, from function to fascination, from technical to biological – we offer innovative designs, sleek products, maximum quality and pure convenience, all under one roof.
  • ONF



    Started in a studio with only a desk, the Taiwan-based brand ONF was founded in 2015. In recent years we have been thinking about the pursuit of work-life balance; the studio, in turn, has become the perfect place to realize our ideals. In combination with home furnishings, the workplace is also made lively by plenty of greenery, which not only relieves work stress but also brings us closer to ONF users in observing and caring for the plants.

    Today, ONF has developed several product lines from aquarium to terrarium plants by introducing the Flat One series and the Flat Nano series. We believe that a successful product is never just about function and design; it's also about how it blends perfectly into our daily lives.

  • Prodibio



    Prodibio is a company specialized in creating natural products in the field of freshwater and seawater aquariums. For more than 25 years, our teams of researchers have been developing products to simplify the design and maintenance of your aquariums.

  • Schego



    SCHEGO Schemel & Goetz Elektrogerätebau in Offenbach am Main was founded in 1949 by Fritz Schemel and Kurt Goetz. Initially, the company focused exclusively on making products for aquariums and soon SCHEGO was among the leading manufacturers of aquarium heaters and air pumps.

    Over the years, our products, which are still made in Offenbach, have been used not only in aquariums, but also in many other areas, especially in connection with medical, biomedical and hospital equipment and for instrumentation and control applications. In addition, we have continuously expanded the range of products for garden ponds in recent years.

    The use of high-quality materials and compliance with exacting production standards guarantee that SCHEGO products are always of the highest quality - just as expected from products 'Made in Germany' - a fact that is especially important for foreign sales, as 50% of the production of our company is exported to countries all over the world.

    We attach great importance to sustainability. All components of our durable products are always available as spare parts for decades.

  • Seachem



    Seachem's philosophy is that the expert hobbyist makes the best customer. This is reflected in robust and reliable customer education and support, as well as products proven in science and performance. For more than 40 years, Seachem has been a company rooted in sound science. Our experience in the hobby and a well-trained staff of chemists and biologists are part of the package when you purchase Seachem products. All our employees are hobbyists who maintain aquariums at home and in the office. Seachem itself was founded because one of those passionate hobbyists - Dr. Leo G. Morin (founder) - recognized that available solutions to aquarists' problems were lacking.

    Innovation means approaching old problems in a new way. Seachem does not simply repackage old ideas, nor do we package new ideas that require the suspension of fundamental physical or chemical principles. We offer truly innovative solutions that work better than competing products and save money through increased efficiency and concentration. Seachem's products are and will remain based on sound science. They now cover the full spectrum of aquarium needs in freshwater, seawater, reefs and ponds, as well as herpetological and bird husbandry. They include buffers, conditioners, filtration media, medications and test kits. Most Seachem products are completely unique and specific to Seachem.

  • Tropica



    Tropica Aquarium Plants is a Danish company. Founded in 1970 and since then a leading player in the aquarium plant market. Innovative in the field of aquarium plants, plant food and aquarium accessories with the aim of having fun in the aquarium hobby. Tropica produces high-quality aquarium plants and is highly regarded worldwide.

    Tropica "Make your aquarium a success"

  • Ultum Nature Systems

    Ultum Nature Systems

    UNS - Ultum Nature Systems

    At Ultum Nature Systems we strive to create premium aquarium items that we as hobbyists are proud to use. We believe that little things matter and value attention to detail when refining our products. Our goal is to provide you with only the best for all your aquarium activities.