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HS Aqua KH-test
  • HS Aqua KH-test
  • HS Aqua KH-test

KH test

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    HS Aqua KH-test

    Bicarbonates (the KH) to buffer the water against pH changes. Due to the biological processes in the water and the KH value and the pH value in the course of time. As with all pets, and vijverbewoners to be very sensitive to changes of the pH-value to respond to, is also have a regular check-up of the stabilizing H-value.

    What is the H-field.

    The H value represents the buffering capacity of the water. The KH-value the carbonate hardness of the water, " and is an expression of the ratio between the amount of carbonates, bicarbonates, and dissolved carbon dioxide. Soda ash and baking soda are salts of carbonic acid and, depending on the pH value of blend into one another, or even to carbon dioxide react to it. At a high pH, it is almost exclusively the soda ash is present. At a low pH, it is primarily from the dissolved carbon dioxide also available. The pH range for most fish is ideal, it's mostly baking soda for this. If there are biological processes and substances in the aquarium and that the pH value would go up, then stops responding, first of bicarbonate to carbonate. Conversely, if the substances are to be produced, that is, the pH value is lower than the first, of sodium bicarbonate, dissolved carbon dioxide, are produced. In both cases, the change in the pH level of the water until most of the bicarbonate has been used up. It's sodium bicarbonate, so the pH is stable

    The H-value is, by definition, is the amount of carbonates and bicarbonates to calcium and magnesium, are bound to. Calcium and magnesium together form the total hardness or GH Models. As well as other carbonates in the water may be present, the measurement of the H-value is greater than the OI value. For this reason, the new literature is too often the concept of " zuurbindend assets (ZBV-value) is used. This is the amount of acid in the water that can arise, until all the carbonates are consumed. The KH-value can be easily transformed into the ZVB-the value to be converted by the H value and by 2.8-fold.

    The optimal values will depend on the type of aquarium size For a community is to have a KH between 3 and ºKH and 5 ºKH ideal for you. In order to have an aquarium with a low pH value, for example, the fish is soft and acid water, the H-value of approx. 2 ºKH – 3 ºKH-to-be. Fish tanks with fish from Malawi or tanganyika maintain more of it with a higher KH value of 7 or more ºKH have. Of course sea water is the KH-value of 8 °KH. We advise you in marine aquariums are a little higher and the values to be 10°c H up to 12°KH). Stable in water, is obtained in the case of KH values of 5°KH 10°KH.

    The adjustment of the H value
    A reduction in the KH value, is quite easy to achieve. Adding pH-reducing preparations, such as the HS aqua pH/KH Minus or HS aqua Oak Extract is as a result of which the KH-value decreases.
    It's to raise the KH value you can add HS aqua KH Plus. Also, a lime-based decorations, and filter materials, may be the H-value is stable.

    This test measures reliably and precisely the H-value in the ponds, and freshwater and marine aquariums

    Article number:0031700
    Product type:Water quality
    Manufacturer:HS Aqua
    Content:2x 10ml (ca. 140 test)