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List of products by brand ADA

Aqua Design Amano (ADA)

Since Aqua Design Amano about 25 years ago, founded by Takashi Amano, it is the " Nature Aquarium a significant role on aquariumproducten and the way in which aquariums are designed. All aquariumproducten by ADA are developed are completely original products that are inspired by Amano's own unique perspectives and ideas. With his eye for detail and experience has Amano multiple products invented that are necessary for the long-term maintenance of beautiful aquascapes. All ADA products are designed with consistent focus on beauty and functionality, but also "fun to use" is of great importance.

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  • Made in ADA


    This English book shows all ADA products. The history and passion for cultivating aquarium plants is shown on the basis of beautiful detailed photos. Various Nature Aquarium layouts and DOOA products are also included.

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  • NA - Calendar 2021


    Nature Aquarium Calendar has been very popular every year. The 2021 version is never created before double sided photography calendar in a clear case. In the wall clear case, there are total 7 aquascape calendar pages including the front page (2 months per page).
    42 cm x 29.7 cm

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  • AFTER Calendar 2013
    • -50%

    NA Calendar 2013

    €9.95 -50% €19.90

    AFTER Calendar 2013

    This calendar contains beautiful photographs of various Nature Aquariums from Takashi Amano.

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  • Origin or Creation


    Takashi Amano's Biography. This photo album allows you not only the most representative photos of landscapes and aquascapes, but told also his autobiography of his childhood and the stories surrounding his latest creation, of the world's largest Nature Aquarium in the Oceanario in Lisbon, Portugal.

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  • Power Sand Advance S


    Power Sand Advance is the successor of Power Sand Special and combining the porous material with organic nutrients and inorganic nutrients that are delayed to be issued. If there are Bacter100, Clear Super, and BC powder added to it which micro-organisms rapidly into the substrate will develop.

    Grain Size: S
    Content: 2 Litre

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  • Pro Picker


    ADA Pro Picker is a useful tool for the removal of algae that are growing on wood and stones.

    Length: 175mm

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  • Pro-Scissors


    Pro-Scissors is a professional scissors. With these scissors, it is very easy to change the layout to prune. Because they are quite long, they can be easily in the deeper places.

    Type M = 305mm
    Type L = 355mm

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  • Rear panel foil, Black


    The ADA Aqua Screen is a vinyl achterwandfolie, it is easy to put on and also the diepteeffect in the tank. This is a black achtergrondfolie it gives a nice contrast with the green plants and the black color is very suitable to be used in an aquascape, with lots of wood.

    Select the appropriate size for your tank:

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  • SADO To Primitive Forest from Bottom of Sea


    Takashi Amano's photo book, "SADO To Primitive Forest from Bottom of Sea"

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  • Sansui Stone


    Sansui Stones is vulcanisch rock, just like Koke Stones. These stones are distinguished by a more layered structure and look very natural in the aquarium. The name is inspired by the atmosphere as Sansui paintings.

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  • The Art Of Nature Aquarium


    Some of Amano's original large format films have been rescanned with today's state-of-the-art technology for optimum image quality in print production. This book also includes photographs not previously published in previous photo books "Nature Aquarium Complete Works 1985-2009" and "Origin of Creation, Takashi Amano biography".

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  • The last Amazon


    Takashi Amano's photo book "The Last Amazon" features lots of amazingly beautiful photos of the Amazon. In the many years that Takashi Amano has visited this area, he has taken many photos. This photography collection is a complete reference work of the unknown status of the Amazon.


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  • The making of Nature Aquarium


    This booklet contains all kinds of useful tips to make an aquarium a success.

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  • Unzan Stone


    ADA Unzan Stone is a beautiful decoration material. It has a volcanic texture and whimsical look. It has cavities with a layer of Aqua Soil easy what aquarium plants can be put. Available in a variety of formats there are very impressive aquascapes.

    Available in various sizes
    Price per piece

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  • Yamaya Stone


    ADA amaya Stone offers many possibilities for an aquascape. The final appearance depends on how the stones are positioned, because the stones themselves have not really a distinct character. Yamaya Stones are vuistgroot and can together be piled up. The dark color contrasts nicely with bright green plants.

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