Azaqua CO2 Checker Globe

Azaqua CO2 Checker Globe

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Handy CO2 checker for every type of aquarium from small to large. It can be hung at any desired location for attachment to the window. For example, the CO2 content can be measured at various places in the aquarium.

Size S: 20mm
Size L: 35mm

NOTE: excluding CO2 check / indicator liquid

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Azaqua CO2 indicator liquid

Azaqua CO2 indicator liquid

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Azaqua CO2 checker Globe

At a glance, this handy CO2 checker provides the simple answer to the apparently difficult question: If the liquid in the CO2 checker turns green, the CO2 content in the aquarium is optimal for plant growth. If the color is blue, there is too little CO2 and if the liquid turns yellow, there is too much CO2.

Choose between size S or L for a pleasant relationship with the aquarium. Size S is very suitable for a nano aquarium, but can also be used in a large aquarium. Size L is suitable for an aquarium of 90 cm or larger. With the supplied suction cup it can be attached to the glass at any desired location. For example, the CO2 content can be measured at various places in the aquarium. This makes it possible to check whether the flow is good and whether the CO2 is distributed throughout the aquarium.

Replacing the fluid is a bit tricky in the Azaqua CO2 checker globe. Rinsing under the tap works, but it is also very useful to use a pipette to suck the liquid out of the CO2 checker.

Size S: 20mm - consumption: approx. 40 drops of Azaqua CO2 indicator liquid. For 20cm aquarium and larger.
Size L: 35mm - consumption: approx. 80 drops of Azaqua CO2 indicator liquid. For 90cm aquarium and larger.

Includes: suction cup
Exclusive: liquid indicator


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CO2 checker Globe
Transparent suction cup

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