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ADA Start with a: Creating a Nature Aquarium 1

Now all aspects have been addressed, we can look at how a Nature Aquarium is created. In this example, in a few steps the main actions to be reviewed.

1. The creation of a living substrate

Creëren van levendig substraat

Micro-organisms in ADA Bacter 100 feed themselves with substances from ADA Clear Super and colonize the substrate. ADA Power Sand S prevents the settling of the substraatoppervlak.

ADA Power Sand S ADA Power Sand S ADA Clear Super
ADA Power Sand S ADA Bacter 100 ADA Clear Super

2. Make the substrate clean with a straight line

Het substraat netjes maken

Make the substrate clean with a straight line to the windshield. Make the front is not too thick. By the layer as a ramp to walk to the back, an extra depth effect is achieved.

ADA Sand Flattener Substraat vlak maken
Use an ADA Sand Flattener to the substrate neat to make

3. Places of Driftwood

Plaatsen van Driftwood

Driftwood serves as a frame for the composition. Place the Driftwood in a stable way and think about a correct balance of left/right and before/behind. It is not necessary to the Driftwood on a complicated position.

aquariumplanten voorbereiden Naaldgras
Preparing plants. Make Naaldgras gently and divide into small portions.

4. Plants of voorgrondplanten

Voorgrondplanten aanbrengen

The plants of voorgrondplanten is easier when there is a layer of water is present that the substrate was just covered. This prevents plants from floating and hands need not get wet.

Glossostigma Glossostigma porties        ADA Pinset L
Divide the plant into smaller portions, Use ADA Pinsettes L to the portions to be planted.

5. Pin of epiphytische aquarium plants

Aanbrengen epiphytische aquariumplanten

When epiphytische aquarium plants such as Anubias, create in advance the rhizome stuck to small stones. To avoid it directly in the soil, the planting of epiphytische aquarium plants.

ADA Wood Tight Woodtight aanbrengen
ADA Wood Tight ADA Wood Tight makes it easier for the rhizome to a rock.

6. Application of achtergrondplanten

achtergrondplanten aanbrengen

Plant achtergrondplanten and select it to color and leaf shape. The height of every stem would be as far as possible should be matched.

Rotala macrandra Rotala rotundifolia Rotala wallichi Rotala macrandra (narrow leaf) Rotala nanjean Rotala green Ludwigia brevipes
macrandra narrow

7. Mos confirm

mos vastmaken

Apply a thin layer of moss on the surface of the Driftwood. The layer should be just thick enough to support the wood still partly through to be able to see. With ADA Moss Cotton can the moss be bound. Vesicularia sp. can also using ADA Riccia Line to be pinned.

Mos vastbinden op hout ADA Moss Cotton
  ADA Moss Cotton fade by the time the moss is attached to the Driftwood.

8. Planting round, and fill with water

beplanting afronden en vullen met water

As soon as the planting is done, the aquarium will be gently filled with water. Be careful that the substrate is not by the water is moved. In the event the water is murky touch, pour with fresh water and run water present.

CO2 advanced system ADA Chlor off
ADA CO2 advanced system includes all the necessities for aquarium CO2 air. Gebriuk ADA Chlor off to chlorine to neutralize the water change.




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Source and copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA
(Translated by Wilco Kitty)