EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external aquariumfilter
EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external aquariumfilter
EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external aquariumfilter EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external aquariumfilter EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external aquariumfilter

EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424)

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The EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external filters reduce offers by the square shape even more space for filter media. Quiet, easy to use, low power consumption and durable components, making this filter a very functional remote aquariumfilter with excellent performance!

For aquariums from 120-250 Litres

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EHEIM eXperience 250 (2424) external filters reduce

The EHEIM eXperience is the successor of the EHEIM Professional. This is the first external filter with a square shape as a starting point. Square edges give more surface area, so there is a greater filter volume is available. It goes without saying that the filter is also neat in the corner of the aquariummeubel can be placed.

The design is in addition to an improved filter capacity is also thought to ease of use. The stable base features an easy-disconnect hose connection-system, with integrated valves. Internally, there is space for multiple filtermanden with folding levers. Maintenance of the filter is thus very easy. The energy consumption is also very low, as is the noise level, thanks to the ceramic components.

This EHEIM eXperience 250 is also available with built-in heater of 150 Watts. (To select it as an option.)

The EHEIM eXperience 250 is supplied complete with accessories and filter media and is immediately in use.

The benefits of EHEIM eXperience 250 external aquariumfilter

- Very good, reliable external aquariumfilter
- square shape for large filter capacity and stability
- Detachable hose connection with integrated closure
- Individually removable filtermanden for easy cleaning
- Low energy consumption
- Extremely quiet operation due to ceramic shaft
- Compact size
- Can be filled with many types of filter media
- Comes with sponsfilters, filter media (EHEIM Mech and Substrat Pro)
- Comes with spraybar, filter inlet tube, and conversion of filter tube
- Suitable for freshwater and seawater

Specifications EHEIM eXperience 250

For aquariums:120 - 250 L
Pump Power (50 Hz):700 L/h
Head:1.5 m
Power consumption:8 Watt
Filter content:3 L (2 filtermanden á 1,5 L)
Total contents:6 L
L x B x H34 x 17.8 x 17.8 cm
Hose connection:12/16 mm
Filter materials (including):

1x fine filter sponge
1x coarse filter sponge

built-in heater of 150 Watts

EHEIM eXperience is available in 4 versions:

EHEIM eXperience150250250T350
Article number:2422020242402021240202426020
Aquariuminhoud:80-150 L120-250 L120-250 L180-350 L
Pump capacity:500 L/H700 L/H700 L/H1050 L/H
Head:1.30 m1.50 m1.50 m2.00 m
Power consumption:8 Watt8 Watt8 Watt24 Watt
Heating:--150 Watt-
Filter volume:2.3 L3.0 L4.9 L6.0 L
Fitler content:5.0 L6.0 L6.0 L9.0 L
dimension (LXH):178x290 mm178x340 mm178x340 mm210x375 mm
Filterslangaansluiting:12/16 mm12/16 mm12/16 mm16/22 mm

3 years of Dutch warranty


Data sheet

Product type:
External filter
eXperience 250 (2422)
Article number:
17,8 cm
17,8 cm
6 L
Filter volume:
3 L
Aquarium volume:
0-200 L
1.3 m
Pump capacity:
700 l/u
Power consumption:
8 Watt
Filter hose:
12/16 mm
Filter media Eheim MECH and SubstratPro, spraybar, filterinlaat tube, conversion of filter tube, filter sponge fine filter sponge coarse
Saltwater resistant:
Built in heater:


EHEIM eXperience

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