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CO2 systeem

The reason why 2 different types of pipe are used

ADA's CO2 system makes use of 2 types of hose: pressure resistant hose and silicone hose. The soft silicone hose is used for connection of glass products, but this type of hose is not suitable for long-term use due to the swelling effect, it is possible that CO2 can escape. Pressure resistant hose can be used without ontsnappingsgevaar of CO2 and is used for long distances. This hard hose directly to the CO2 regulator and slangverdelers connected. It can also be connected to the CO2 check valve. The Check valve is used to pressure resistant hose and sliliconen hose to connect with each other.


What is important is the fine-tuning of CO2 dosing

ADA CO2 Bubble Counter and ADA CO2 Beetle Counter are used to control the amount of administered CO2 to measure. Use one of these in combination with a diffuser from the Pollen Glass series, for example, the ADA Pollen Glass Beetle. The fijnafstemmig of the CO2 dose will be controlled by the adjusting screw of the ADA CO2 attache regulator to rotate, and simultaneously the number of call count in the ADA CO2 Bubble Counter. Tuning is made easy by slowly the dichtgedraaide set screw to turn. When the set screw too far and remove it (so if the CO2 supply becomes too high), turn it over again and then loose again until the desired flow is achieved.

CO2 bellenteller CO2 fijnafstelling
1. CO2 supply is measured by the number of bubbles by the ADA CO2 Bubble Counter passes. 2. When the fine tuning is important to first completely closed and then gently turning.

How can an excess or substandard CO2 dosing be determined?

If the lighting is bright enough, will aquarium plants a more active photosynthesis undergo a higher CO2 administration and will zonplanten oxygen bubbles produce. In a situation where there is a surplus of CO2 is administered, Caridina japonica, as the first to respond to this change. Normally, moving these shrimp are legs are very active to eat the algae. When the shrimp are legs slow to move, is that a sign of a lack of oxygen. The status of the CO2 content is to check with the help of an ADA Drop checker. As soon as the color of the liquid from green to yellow, then there is too much CO2 in the aquarium administered.

Caridina japonica CO2 Drop Checker
1. The movement of the legs of Caridina japonica takes off, as soon as the CO2 dosage is too high. 2. When the color of the ADA Drop checker turns green, then the CO2 dosage in order.

How can products in the Pollen Glass series to be cleaned?

The glass products produced from the Pollen Glass series be as good as new when they are cleaned with ADA Superge. Dirty glass products, the effectiveness of the CO2 solubility negatively. In the event the bruisoppervlak of the diffuser brown mottled remains, even after using ADA Superge, rinse the diffuser than in Vinegar in a ADA Clean Bottle. Acid or Vinegar dissolves the dirt on that on the bruisgedeelte. Rinse the plate thoroughly with water.

ADA Clean Bottle ADA Pollen Glass
1. Use the ADA Clean Bottle to the glass plate to clean. 2. By the bruisgedeelte to keep clean keeps the CO2 solution is optimal.

Reasons to a Ball Valve and solenoid valve to use

The CO2 administration must be stopped as soon as the lighting is off at night to prevent the fish and shrimps a shortage of oxygen. For this reason, there are products such as the ADA Ball Valve, ADA Hand Valve and Solenoid valve (ADA EL Valve) can be used. Ball Valve and Hand Valve can be used for the CO2 supply, manually stop, while the solenoid valve is to close on a timer. The use of a Ball Valve or Solenoid valve is necessary, since the fine adjustment screw of the CO2 Attache Regulator and Speed Controller the CO2 flow does not completely stop.

ADA Ball Valve ADA EL Valve
1. Turn the Ball Valve or Hand Valve, each morning and evening to manually on or off. 2. Solenoid valve makes it possible to automatically on and off using a timer.

Aquarium plants have a high level of activity in photosynthesis when they are exposed to bright lighting. Nevertheless, the photosynthesis is stopped at the time that there is not enough CO2 is present. In addition to bright lighting is also CO2 supply to the aquarium essential aquarium plants for a constant photosynthesis. It is important that the CO2 supply is constant and is effectively applied.



The choice of an ADA Pollen Glass

The Pollen Glass series, which CO2 produces fine bubbles dissolve, offers a variety of shapes and sizes. There is a CO2 diffuser to choose on the basis of the size of the aquarium and the preference for the design. The original model of ADA Pollen Glass is suitable for a 60cm aquarium. TYPE-2 and TYPE-3 have the same size and provide the same efficiency. For a tank larger than 60cm are the ADA Pollen Glass Large and ADA Pollen Glass Beetle suitable, because they are larger and so more CO2 can dissolve in the water.

ADA CO2 diffusors

Select a ADA Pollen Glass on the basis of the size of the aquarium and the preference for the design.


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Source and copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA
(Translated by Wilco Kitty)