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ADA Start with A: Filtration

Aquarium filter principe

Biological filtration is the main function of a aquariumfilter

The functions of a filter system for the removal of contamination can be divided in three ways: Physical, Biological, and Chemical filtration. Aquariumverontreiniging such as organic matter and nitrogen are physically and chemically to remove with a filter material such as ADA Bio Rio and ADA AFTER Carbon. Then the remaining material by bacteria, protozoa, and other micro-organisms further degraded. What remains is clean and purified water.


The promotion of quick growth of beneficial bacteria

For a good operation of the filter functions, it is necessary to have a rapid growth of filter bacteria, protozoa, and other micro-organisms to encourage. The filter material ADA Bio Rio and ADA Bio Cube has ideal properties for the useful helpers to accommodate. To the growth of beneficial bacteria to promote further, a small amount of filter media from a well established aquarium to be used and ADA Green Bacter can be added. The organic acid in the ADA Green Bacter nurtures beneficial bacteria in the new aquarium and gives them a boost. Promote the growth of filter bacteria to a successful filtration to achieve.

Filtermateriaal overzetten ADA Green Bacter
1. A way to the development of beneficial bacteria and to encourage a little bit of filter media from a well established filter. 2. Organic acid of ADA Green Bacter gives beneficial bacteria a boost.

Prevention of lack of oxygen for the filter bacteria

The largest part of the micro-organisms in the aquariumfilter are aerobisch and life of oxygen. It is also necessary to at all times oxygenated water in the aquarium. If the backlight is on and aquarium plants to photosynthesize, it hits the aquarium water enriched with oxygen. Unlike at night, when the lighting is off, stop aquarium plants produce oxygen. but at Night, do plants have the opposite and take oxygen. This results in a lower oxygen content of the water. For this reason, aeration is applied, as soon as the lighting is off. Aeration can be by means of an air pump or by the ADA Lily Pipe Outflow higher position.

Grafiek zuurstof afnamen Lily Pipe beluchten
1. The graph above shows that micro-organisms have a significant amount of oxygen consume. 2. Aeration can be applied by means of an ADA Lily Pipe Outflow.

Maintenance of the filter for maximum filtration to keep

In an aquarium that is already running, sudden growth of algae occur, and deterioration of water quality. In most cases these problems are the result of deterioration of the filter capacity, caused by a build up of dirt on the filter material. To a high filtratiecapaciteit to maintain, it is recommended to take the filter out to rinse in a bucket with aquarium water.

Filtermateriaal schoonmaken.


Typical properties of filter materials and effective combinations

The combination of anthracite and ADA Bio Cube that is included with the ADA Super Jet ES-600 effectively removes small impurities in the aquarium water, and promotes a rapid development of biological filtration. Once the biological filtration is adequate begins to function, can the charcoal be replaced by ADA Bio Rio for a stable and sustainable biological filtration as possible. In the case that the biological filtration is temporarily deteriorate by, for example, the clogging of the filter material, may ADA NA Carbon to be added to the filter capacity to improve. The replacement of ADA NA Carbon is facilitated by this on top of the ADA Bio Rio .

ADA Filtermaterialen

Aquarium water gradually becomes dirty by the droppings of fishes and other impurities. The functions of the filter and filter material to remove the pollution and purify the water. As soon as the filtration once stable functioning, the water will clear hit and algae growth are prevented. It is essential for the biological filtration to optimize by bacteria and micro-organisms to help, because they have the most important role in the filtration perform.


Different water circulation with different Outflows

ADA Super Jet filters produce a different flow when there are other outflows are used.

Lily Pipe Violoet glass Lily Pipe spin Poppy Glass

1. Waterflow with ADA Lily Pipe: Has as side effect that a film on the water surface reduces.
2. Waterflow of Do!aqua Violet Glass: Prevents oxygen being taken in the flow.
3. Waterflow of ADA Lily Pipe Spin: Suitable for a small aquarium.
4. Waterflow of Do!aqua Poppy Glass: Creates large ripples on the surface of the water.


Suitable dimensions of the filter per aquariuminhoud

In order for any aquarium with a suitable filter, the ADA Super Jet Series from 11 different models in different dimensions. Apart from the ES-1200 and ES-2400, which are specially designed for large aquariums, can the following table be used to find the appropriate filter for the matching aquarium to combine.

Filtermateriaal schoonmaken



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Source and copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA
(Translated by Wilco Piest)