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ADA Start A: plant food

ADA Nutrients

Basic combinations of liquid plant food

In a Nature Aquarium arise, nitrogen and phosphate, among other waste products of fish. These are used by aquarium plants used as food. The surplus that the plants are not able to record, can lead to algae growth. By fertilizing with Potassium and Trace elements, where a deficit can arise, the surplus amount is hereby counteracted. This, according to Liebig's law of the minimum. ADA Brighty K is used as a liquid source of Potassium in fertilizers. To trace to serve ADA Green Brighty STEP 1 to 3 is used, tuned to the phase of the aquarium. The basic combination of liquid plant food is so ADA Brighty K and one of the Green Brighty STEP 1,2 or 3.

ADA's unique 3-step fertilization system that moves with the changing phases of the aquarium


First 3 months
after the set-up
3 months to 1 year

After 1 year

ADA Green Brighty STEP-1 + ADA Brighty K ADA Green Brighty STEP-2 + ADA Brighty K ADA Green Brighty STEP-3 + ADA Brighty K
ADA Green Brighty

ADA Brighty K
ADA Green Brighty
ADA Brighty K
ADA Green Brighty
ADA Brighty K
Contains carefully balanced trace elements. Stimulates the production of new leaves Contains more iron, which is needed for further plant growth.
To maintain leaf colour.
Rich in trace elements with Potassium.
Promotes the photosynthesis and growth of plant roots.


Adding ADA Brighty K

The special formula of ADA Brighty K enriched the water primarily with Potassium, and forms the basis for combinations with other liquid nutrients. But be careful with combining with other liquid plantenvoedingen, because it is a chemical reaction in operation can convert that cloudiness of the water caused. Let ADA Brighty K is first split by the water, before other fertilisers.


ADA Nutrients


First, add ADA Brighty K and let it spread out by the currents.


The features of Green Brighty Special Lights

ADA Green Brighty Special Lights has a positive effect on a tank with a sun-loving aquarium plants, such as stengelplanten and Riccia. These plants grow quickly and have a greater need for nutrients. In an aquarium with a lot of sun-loving aquarium plants can be a shortage of Nitrogen and Phosphate, resulting in a decrease of leaf colour. ADA Green Brighty Special Lights is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium and trace elements and helps to keep the leaf colour and growth of the aquarium plants improve.

ADA Green Brighty Special Lights Rotala Green
1. ADA Green Brighty Special Lights has a special formula for sun-loving aquarium plants. 2. By adding ADA Green Brighty Special Lights improve the color of stengelplanten and other sun-loving aquarium plants.

The right time to plant food to serve

Aquarium plants take in during the period of photosynthesis to a large extent nutrients. The most ideal is to absorb nutrients during the day to perform in the degree that they the nutrients, but unfortunately this is in practice not easy. Typically, the daily dosage with fertilizer added at the time the lighting goes on. This is particularly a good time to ADA Brighty K to serve, which the photosynthesis is improved. ADA liquid fertilizers are equipped with a handy pump. With this pump it is very easy to get the right amount of fertilizer to dose according to the volume of the aquarium and the growing plantenmassa.


ADA Nutrients

Regularly adding liquid plant food contributes to a healthy growth of aquarium plants.


Aquarium plants under water active their nutrients through the surface of their leaves. It is therefore very sensible to liquid nutrients to apply to the aquarium for a healthier growth. Liquid plantenbemesting and additions inserted in the first place, Potassium and trace elements, which allows easy scarce to hit when the aquarium is dependent only on nutrients from the soil and faeces of fish. Liquid nutrients help to enhance the colour of aquarium plants.



Make the best use of Green Gain and ECA

ADA Green Gain and ADA ECA are additions that a healthy growth of aquarium plants improve. ADA Green Gain contains botanical hormones that the construction of new leaves accelerate. The administration of this is very effective immediately after pruning, in order to a quick growth of new leaves to stimulate. ADA ECA contains iron in a form that quickly by aquarium plants and enhances the color of red stengelplanten. The add is very effective when the plants are pale from see, despite the daily administration of normal plant nutrition.

ADA Green Gain effect ADA ECA effect
1. ADA Green Gain is good for recently pruned aquarium plants. 2. Red stengelplanten look more intense out of color when ADA ECA is added to the aquarium.

The right time to start adding plant food

Liquid nutrients can be directly added to the aquarium directly by plants, absorbed by the leaves. For this reason, it has no effect to plant food to serve, when the plants are not submerged leaves. Because newly planted aquarium plants, but only a few nutrients, is adding liquid nutrients only makes sense after about 1 week after the planting. Or as soon as the aquarium plants new submerged leaves start to develop.


ADA Nutrients
With the addition of liquid plant food can be started after approximately one week after the planting



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Source and copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA
(Translated by Wilco Piest)