Example aquascape of Filipe Oliveira My first aquascape in 2012
Tree scape - filipe oliveira eerste aquascape

How it all started...

After a lot of years with Dutch gezelschapsaquaria to have gestoeid, is my interest for aquascaping. That speaks much more to the imagination, and touches me more than "the well-ordered plants". My attempt of the first aquascape (on the right above) picks up the in the farthest distance, not in the perfection of that of Filipe Oliveira. That is no problem at all. If you have never participated in a car race, you don't need to expect that your one win. Nevertheless, I have in this aquarium of 20x20x20cm yet what experience can do, but I didn't manage to get the layout to a very good end to accomplish. I had simply do not have the proper materials and know-how. There was a more serious approach is needed and a need for better materials. Then I done a lot of research with as main question: how do Japanese aquascapers that? In the regular aquariumzaken I could not find quality where I was looking for and the products that professional aquascapers used. As a result of the lack of decent materials, as well as the knowledge for aquascaping, I'm out of the products of ADA import and I am fully paid up on the gathering of as much information as possible.

Half a year later (beginning of 2013) I started a new layout in the same 20x20x20cm aquarium, but with Aqua Soil Amazonia from ADA. What I previously never was successful with the growing of a field Hemianthus callitrichoides, he was now without any trouble. An aquarium with calcareous stone, without filter, without CO2, without heating and always algvrij! Was magical and very satisfying, since this is a sand or gravel was never successful. The success of which I write fully to the Aqua Soil from ADA and use never something else!

The same aquarium a half years later
(rank 1164 in IAPLC 2013)
My 45-P aquarium
(rank 1055 in IAPLC 2015)
Seiryu mountain 2013 - Wilco Piest Wilco Piest - Klassieke Iwagumi

Wilco Piest Azaqua ADA 250 item shop How to proceed is gone

Convinced of the unprecedented performance of this product, in the Netherlands, strangely enough, almost not used, I am also bowled over by the quality of other ADA products. Although increasingly aquariumliefhebbers there is knowledge, it is often reserved for the connoisseurs and people who enjoy quality. The price/quality ratio is the same ratio as the products of the brand or from other manufacturers. That is to say; you paid a little more for, but get also a better quality in return. For the novice aquascaper can do it all a bit precious. The question I would ask is: do you Want to direct the formula 1 win? Or take for now, you settle for playing with street race? And what should the expected success is going to cost you?

On I have an assortment where both the beginner as well as professional in his or her needs. I find it very nice to be in a position to other aquariumliefhebbers of good products and information. That is at all times the starting point of Azaqua: Ensure that you have fun and success continues to achieve! And I'm actually quite proud of the label "ADA 250 item shop" as well as to the first products of o.a. Do!aqua, Daytime LED, Twinstar and Flexi Mini on the Dutch market has been introduced. In the field of hardscape supply is also very extensive, so something for everyone is to acquire a dream layout.

In the following pages I hope to have information to offer that helps in making an appropriate choice when purchasing products. Since I myself also have struggled, I hope to have that experience to share. Where can savings be? What is necessary? Which can at later stage be purchased? All in all, it is the making of conscious choices are important, so that there are no unnecessary money is wasted and miskopen be avoided. Money can, after all, just one time to be issued, so be smart and take advantage of the information in the following articles.

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