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What is needed for aquascapen? part 1

WilcoPiest-Vibrance-detail-webBefore there can be started with aquascapen and the designing and building of the aquarium, it is important that all the necessary technology in house. This on the web shop so many products, each with its own characteristic properties. On this page, will more information be provided which will help in picking out the right supplies.

Now the enthusiasm is there and the dream layout in mind already, it is time for the next step. In the first place is an aquarium needed. The chosen format depends on the available space in the room. It is often thought that bigger is always better, but that is certainly not always the case. Bigger brings more costs and more maintenance. In this creative branch of sport is true "practice makes the art". For many, it is the planning and setting up an aquarium, the most enjoyable part. It is also very common to, for example, every year, from layout to change. The new layout is even more beautiful than the previous. A small tank has the big advantage that it is easy to build to a new layout, without too high costs and much effort.

Choosing the aquarium

Aquariums, there are many types and sizes. A close aquarium with light cover and/or frame are fine, but have the disadvantage that the aquarium is a defined object in the space. An open aquarium, will be many times more charisma to the room where the aquarium is. The feeling that one is “closer in touch with nature” will be with an open aquarium increases. The disadvantage is that more water will evaporate and that pets like cats of the fish will feast. Avoid in all cases the built-in filters. That will always be disruptive in the road, and in addition, valuable space in the aquarium. Also the use of a back panel with embossed will always impinge on the optical scale. As a beginner, it is difficult to on the details to look for, but an aquarium of optiwhite glass, without disturbing sealants, stabilo’s or other elements really has an added value. An aquarium may be expected in normal use for many years. The initial cost of a good quality aquarium, over the years, that pleasure has, therefore, a valuable investment.

ADA Cube Garden Optic White Dennerle scaper's tank
ADA Cube Garden Optic White Other

Choosing the lighting

Lighting is essential for growth and development of aquarium plants. The aquarium plants must the show go to steal. Good lighting is so essential. When there is little light above the aquarium depends, will the soon bleak. Bright lighting and results in a fresher impression of the aquarium. So, in the basis for bright light with sufficient intensity. A light colour of preferably 5000 to 7000 Kelvin. A light intensity of 25-40 Lumens per liter for LED lighting or 0.5-1 Watts per liter for FLUORESCENT lighting. This is also the more sustainable plants. There are many roads to Rome, but with Daytime or ADA LED lighting is a poor choice not to make. More information about Daytime LED lighting (link)

ADA Cube Garden Daytime cluster CONTROL Daytime Matrix module
ADA AQUASKY Daytime Cluster CONTROL Daytime Matrix


Choosing a CO2 system

Without CO2 can aquarium plants do not grow. Is naturally CO2 in water is present, however, in an aquascape tend to so many plants that it is impossible to be able to with this naturally present CO2. There will be thus additional CO2 need to be added to the plants in their need. This is possible on a low-budget way with the sugar and yeast method, or, for example, with EasyCarbo. For the aquarist who has decided with this hobby to continue, is a CO2 system is a very logical purchase. The complete CO2 system on the web shop is very competitively priced and certainly worth a visit to the plants of CO2. Is the CO2 story more complicated? Get well informed on this page: link

Azaqua Compleet CO2 systeem CO2 Advanced System Tropica CO2 system nanao
Complete CO2 system (TIP) ADA CO2 advanced system Tropica CO2 system nano


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