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What is needed for aquascapen? part 2

In part 2, we continue with the selection of the edge accessories that are needed for a successful aquarium.

Choosing a filter

Fish and plants produce waste. If this waste is not converted, problems arise. For a good breakdown is a filter necessary. Dirty and contaminated water is being collected and by bacteria are converted into harmless substances. In addition, the filter for water circulation. This is essential for the supply of nutrients and oxygen for plants and bacteria. Also, by a slight ripple in the surface of the water is the gas exchange with the atmosphere, is promoted and remains on the surface of a kaamlaag. A filter preferably has, as much as possible capacity for the filter material. Here applies: better too much than too little. Biological filtration is ultimately by far the most important. In addition, the pump capacity is of great importance. There must be sufficient water circulation can take place. Sufficient water circulation takes place at 3-5x the content of the aquarium circulating per hour. This is: Good circulation is more important than stromingskracht.
External filter: These can be in the aquarium furniture will be placed. Maintenance and large capacity, offer many advantages and this is the best way for the aquarium filter.
Internal filter: A (built-in) internal filter is quite handy, but it's always in the way. It does not look pretty, take up valuable space in (for example, a beautiful plant in its place) and the filter capacity is small. For an aquascape so undesirable and can best be removed. In a small aquarium can be a skimmer to serve as the main filter. This has the same disadvantages as an internal filter, but may in some cases offer a solution.
Hang-on filter: A Hang-on filter is the best practical for a small aquarium. This has sufficient capacity, is easy to clean and is not as bothersome as an internal filter. Especially in a small aquarium where space is precious, this is a fine solution.

EHEIM filter 4plus 250t ADA Vuppa-1 Dennerle Scaper's Flow hang-on filter
External filter Skimmer Hang-on filter


Choosing heating

This is quite a tricky part. A tropical aquarium should not be too cold. Fish and plants come from areas where it is hotter than in our living rooms. So We have to take measures to make them as comfortable as possible. An ideal temperature is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. The warmer the water, the more active the fish (more waste) and the greater the activity in the plants, and the lower the oxygen content. Also, the alignment of the temperature is thus a choice. Warmer than 24 degrees is not necessary (unless there are special fish who ask for them). I have my aquariums at room temperature, which is always set to 20 degrees. The lighting and the filter will also produce heat, making the water around 21-22 degrees, and that works fine. In the summer months can be a heating superfluous. In addition, we may ask ourselves how it naturally is, as the temperature is always constant, and this also at night does not fall.
Staafverwarming: A staafverwarming is the most used way to heat the water. These devices, unfortunately, is terrible, and do an incredible affect on the face of the aquarium. The choice for a staafverwarming are the brand and type from different manufacturers are not all that different in performance. So choose a variant that looks neat, but make sure that the correct return is present for the size of aquarium. The Titanium heaters look is normally the most acceptable and are virtually indestructible.
Heating apparatus: another option is A heating apparatus. This will make the water very evenly heating. Warm water rises. This creates a circulation in the soil and prevent the roots it is much colder than the upper leaves of the plant. Without the intervention of the thermostat will have a heating apparatus in the water with 1-4 degrees of heat relative to the ambient temperature and continuous operation. There is only one cable in sight is in the aquarium. The choice for this system must of course be made, before the aquarium is decorated and not later, can be added.
External heating: there are opportunities to improve the water outside of the aquarium to heat it up. By an external heating between the filter tubes to attach, that way the water will be heated. Aesthetically, this is the best solution. This system is currently no longer on the web shop to find, as it did not meet the quality requirements.
Heating in the filter: A heater disposed in the filter is also an ideal solution. However, this is currently only available for filters that are suitable for aquariums from 120 Litres. Also, the purchase price is a lot higher, but if the budget is available, this is an excellent choice. The water is evenly heated and distributed through the aquarium.

Aqua Medic Titanium Heater Dennerle Bodemverwarming EHEIM filter 4plus 250t
Staafverwarming Heating apparatus External filter



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