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EHEIM Classic led Daylight
EHEIM Classic led Daylight EHEIM Classic led Daylight EHEIM Classic led Daylight EHEIM Classic led Daylight 550 EHEIM Classic led Daylight 550

EHEIM Classic led Daylight

€ 66,95
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v.a. € 66,95
Voordelige led verlichting

Verkrijgbaar in lengte: 550mm, 740mm, 940mm, 1140mm
1-2 weken

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EHEIM Classic led Daylight

EHEIM classicLED is available in four lengths of 550, 740, 940 and 1140 millimeters and is easy to install using the extendable mounting bracket. The LED strip adapts perfectly to any aquarium up to a width of 1.20 m, giving optimal illumination with a beam angle of 120˚, down to the bottom of the aquarium. The ultra compact and very slim design fits under all covers and can therefore be used for most aquariums.

With a daylight similar colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin, EHEIM classicLED ensures the healthy growth of fish and plants. The water appears pleasantly clear to the viewer.

The power consumption of the classic LEDs range from 7,7 to 16,5 watts, depending on the length. EHEIM classicLEDs are waterproof (IPx7) and are especially safe due to the low voltage technology with an average durability of at least 35,000 hours

The EHEIM classic LEDs are available and include the LED safety power supply.

EHEIM Classic led Daylight is verkrijgbaar in verschillende uitvoeringen

Type 550 740 940 1140
Artikelnummer 4261011 4262011 4263011 4264011
Vermogensopname lamp 7,7 W 10,6 W 13,5 W 16,5 W
Afmetingen (L x B x H) ?? ?? ?? ??
Universele adapter lengte min. 550 mm 740 mm 940 mm 1140 mm
Universele adapter lengte max. 635 mm 825 mm 1025 mm 1225 mm
Lengte stroomkabel
Lichtstroom alles aan 810 lm 1120 lm 1420 lm 1740 lm
Stralingshoek 120˚ 120˚ 120˚ 120˚
Geschikt voor zoetwater ja ja ja ja
Geschikt voor zeewater nee nee nee nee


Product soort:
LED verlichting
EHEIM Classic led Daylight
Artikel nummer:
meerdere opties
550, 740, 940 of 1140 mm

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