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EHEIM Classic led plants
EHEIM Classic led plants EHEIM Classic led plants EHEIM Classic led plants EHEIM Classic led plants 540mm

EHEIM Classic led plants

€ 77,95
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v.a. € 77,95
Voordelige led verlichting

Verkrijgbaar in lengte: 550mm, 740mm, 940mm, 1140mm
1-2 weken

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EHEIM Classic led plants

With EHEIM classicLED plants your underwater landscape appears more natural and the plants grow better.

The light spectrum of the classicLED ‘plants’ is specially designed for aquatic plants. A higher red component gives the light a more natural appearance and the underwater world has noticably more colour depth and the plants grow better.

EHEIM classicLED ‘plants’ LED lights are available in six lengths from 550 to 1300 mm. The LED strip is very easy to install thanks to the extending brackets and can be adapted to fit any aquarium up to a width of 1.30 metres. With a beam angle of 120°, it ensures full illumination to the bottom of the aquarium. The ultra-compact and very slim design fits under all covers and can therefore be used for almost all aquariums. If you want to switch from power-intensive T5/T8 fluorescent tubes to LED lighting, you can do so quite simply with the corresponding adapter set (accessory).

The power consumption is between 7.7 and 17.7 watts, depending on the length. The average life is at least 35,000 hours.

Advantages of the EHEIM classicLED plants

Alternative to T5/T8 fluorescent tubes - interchangeable with adapter set (accessory)
LED strip easy to install
6 lengths for aquariums from 55 - 130 cm width (continuously adjustable) due to extendable support brackets)
High-quality, sturdy aluminium housing
Absolutely waterproof (IPx7) and particularly safe due to low-voltage technology
Bright sunlight (8350 K) and light spectrum matched to aquatic plants (photosynthesis) with high red components
Promotes healthy growth in plants and animals
Natural, unadulterated colour rendering
Beam angle 120°
Full illumination to the bottom of the aquarium
Average life min. 35 000 hours (9-10 years at 10 hours/day)
High energy efficiency and light output (approx. 80 lm/W)
Only suitable for fresh water
3 year warranty

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Product soort:
LED verlichting
EHEIM Classic led plants
550, 740, 940 of 1140 mm

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